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Brain to computer interfaces are really interesting. It is one of those things that will not only help those with disabilities but also keep humanity on pace with AI. If we are "connected" to it in such a manner, than AI cannot get away from us since any upgrade to it will result in a similar move for us.

Will it work? Some seem to think so. At this point it is speculation but we are seeing a foundation with the likes of Neuralink.

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I love the Idea, that we could one day be one with AI, the possibilities could be endless, but I also fear the down side, could this AI be manipulated in a way that may put not only our individual lives in jeopardy, but the entire human race as we know it. The fear that AI will not only become the superior and dominant life force but also may view us as a threat to our very planet, I fear this will strongly dependent on the people that design, develope and Build future AI technologies as a whole and how they aim to achieve programable machine learning ethics in an actual machine, a machine that can truly understands the value of human life, I am hopeful, but cautious at the same time, for this will be an exciting and extremely challenging yet defining period in mankind's evolution, Neuralink may just give us that edge if utilized in the right way by the correct people and of course for the right reasons