RE: Listnerds: Helping To Round Out Hive's Social Media Tools

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Yeah and depends upon how many you get to. With the restricted amount of emails, hard to get to the 20 votes I imagine.

But like you said, it is a learning and sharing process. That is how we help each other along.

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Right. I used 115 MAIL to send it out and it doesn't look like it's getting very far. Not sure what the number of MAIL actually has to do with it, but I'll be testing it.


Well I would say that the more mail one is able to send out, the greater the change to get 20 upvotes.

I would imagine that many who are receiving the mail in these early days do not have many votes to give. Just a guess but like anything, the longer people are at it, the more they have.

Right now not a ton of CTP staked.

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