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I am not sure if you get upvotes from the account are not, I see we get them sometimes if im checking but no idea if that's part of the deal when delegating. We're in it for the daily LEO payouts, plus its set and forget 😁

No it is not. The voting is done by the curation team. They vote based upon what they find worthy of upvotes. Totally independent and manual.

It would be nice to get that number to at least 1.25 LEO during year 2.

I think that should be done without too much difficulty. We have the ongoing posting and curation that will add a bunch. We are seeing between 1,500-2,000 LEO rolling in each week. Part of that adds to the staked amount which is then used for more curation.

We just keep building it.

By the way, a good way to analyze it. What is the baseline amount simply looking at our "cash" holdings. In that regard, we are still up 8% for the year excluding everything else.

Try to get 8% from a bank right now (or ever again). And that is just the "cash" increase.

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