RE: LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #7 | Mobile App v0.0.12, Leo Podcast, Marketing, IDOs and Kingdoms TVL $6m+

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I think this is a make or break month for CUB and I am excited to make it the former.

Make or break month?

LOL are you trying to flush out some weak hands?

All good news. Things do not happen overnight and start ups are tough. That said, development usually wins in the end.

We are growing at all levels, albeit slowly. That is what is most important.

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Haha less weak paws = more CUB for diamond paws

We’re gonna see some massive changes this month. I think we’ll trend upward but that’s a DYOR statement ;)

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What is the person doing the research is an idiot?

It is best not to listen to idiots.

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i hold 0,25% of the total supply with a 52% loss, so i hope you are right about the $3 by the end of 2021 or cub is making me wife changing money and not in the good way :) diamond paws!!

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