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Class action lawsuits take place in the US all the time. They do end up in huge rewards, of which the attorneys tend to get a fair portion of.

Of course they take years before they are in court and then more with appeals. The problem with the scenario you laid out is the impracticality of it.

If I have whatever money in Diem in a wallet, and I am locked out of my account, I am effectively broke. Sure I might win through the courts but how do I survive until then. Plus, how do I make money if my company was suddenly taken from my due to cutting me off from it?

This is the power that a Facebook is looking to amass.

And do not think for a second that Zuckerberg knows he is quickly becoming more powerful than governments. The US has 300 million people; Facebook has over 2 billion.

These mega tech companies are starting to wield a great deal more power than they had before.

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