RE: The Layout For The Globalization Of Real Estate

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Hopefully we get back to a place where technological advances make it cheap to live again soon and my own kids and their peers can benefit from it.

Any industry that technology enters are the base level will find itself having its costs reduced tremendously. The challenge is that housing, healthcare, and upper level education are all done just like they were 100 years ago (at their core). The healthcare system is still a break/fix model.

As for government intervention, you are correct in the market distortion. When governments guarantee things like loans, then predatory lending practices with no standards can occur. It creates a massive distortion of the market.

Of course, the areas mentioned are also going to be obliterated by technology over the next 20 years.

This wave is starting to accelerate. We have not see anything this powerful, from a societal perspective, in our history. This is order of magnitudes higher in its impact than the last Industrial Revolution. The difference is, this time, we can see things happening everywhere.

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