RE: IDOs On Cubfinance Not Endorsed By Leofinance Team

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I am not here to put anyone off it, or on it.

That is up to each individual. People just need to be sure they are making the decision and not thinking that since it is on Cubfinance, that it is a approved by them.

Khal and others might get involved, they might not. I have no idea. However, we each are responsible for making our own choices.

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I made my decision when I saw the look of it, it looks 'amateur'.

I've said before that this would have to be 'very special' for me to part with any Cub, but having looked at it and read @edicted's write ups this definitely isn't it. Even he's reticent and he likes a gamble, but that's ALL it is as far as I can see, a gamble-token and with a high staking fee, and the reward-math doesn't add up.

It's disappointing, but at least it's one more thing I don't have to worry about.

I hope the Polygon offerings a bit more mature than this.

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