RE: The Writing Is On The Wall, Mass Adoption Is Right Around The Corner.

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Great points brought up here.

To me, this is the safest space to be in. There is no doubt in my mind that Crypto is going to see mass adoption in the next couple years.

As much as we dislike Facebook, I think the Libra is a game changer. It is a peg to the USD so essentially we are dealing with a derivative of the reserve currency. Hence, when you talk about the acceptance of Libra, if there is one it will be that.

Governments are going to try and retain control but they are going to lose. So will the banks. We have learned that whenever the Internet comes to an industry, it obliterates whatever is there. When the Internet came to money, it really put the banks on notice. I don't know if they got the message as of yet.

This reminds me of the record companies suing their own customers due to Napster. In the end, the record companies lost their cash cow, profits from recorded music. It went digital and so is money.

It is going to be a wild road.

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