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One main reason I really like $LEO is the flat voting curve (not sure if thats the proper term). I don't have to worry about voting a post at a certain time rather my curation rewards will be the same whenever I vote a post and I can read and curate at me leisure. I can build up curation rewards at a much faster rate on LEO than on HIVE.

That is no longer the case on Hive, it was changed in the last Hard Fork. Hive now uses the same reward curve. You can vote anytime within 24 hours, they are all the same.

LEO is a smart place to focus attention. And yes you will earn HIVE in addition to LEO. Powering it up is a smart approach while earning the "extra tokens".

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thanks for the heads up on the HIVE fork update, I was obviously unaware of that change !

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