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Do people understand how close we are to a complete change in how we interact? The entire nature of collaboration is about to change.

This is something covered quite often. We are heading into an age where our "reality" will be mixed, at best. This is a given. In fact, we are already starting to see how this is going to unfold.

Paying attention during the early stages can offer up tremendous opportunities. Getting there ahead of everyone else could really be a financial game changer for us.

For example, we all know the company Microsoft. They are the dominant player in the computing world, especially among Enterprise. In more than two decades, nobody was really able to breach the wall that Windows established in that realm.

Of course, this is also one of the leading video game console companies. It is also an entity that carries with it one of the largest market caps in the world (if not the biggest). The company is worth roughly $2 trillion.


Computing, as we know it, is changing. The world of screens is on the way out. This, naturally, could be a problem for Microsoft. Viewing things through this lens only makes that a logical conclusion.

Do not, however, count ole SOFTY out.

Here is a short video that is beneficial for everyone to watch. It will further detail what will be covered in the rest of this article.

It is a little over 2 minutes long

Am I the only one who get the "Sci-Fi" feel when watching something like that?

Consider all the implications that was simply presented in this two minute video. We are going to see the entire spectrum of human interaction change completely.

In the video, when they were sitting around the table, the thing that popped into my mind was a group of college friends getting together for poker night, even though they are all in different parts of the world.

Obviously, the business applications are going to be enormous. What is most interesting is that all of this can be recorded. Talk about your life on film. The entire process of the collaboration can be recorded for others to interact with and view later. Late to the meeting? Simply review what took place and get caught up to speed.

We can also see how this can enhance the value of experts or the best in a particular field. For example, consider if one is the best acting coach. He or she could work with students from all over the world, without ever being in the same room with them. The same could be said for any type of teacher. Now, the market for their skills (expertise) opened up to a much wider audience.

This would, of course, increase the demand for this individual.

In some of my writings I discuss the idea of a virtual store. This is different from online which is what we are accustomed to now. Consider the idea of the store being a hologram like the cars was on the video. Here one can go up and down the different aisle in 3-D, purchasing what is needed. Of course, the physical items would have to be delivered but the ordering process would be more lifelike.

So how far are we away from this being "reality"?


It is something that is possible today. In fact, Microsoft already brought this to market. The Microsoft Mesh is something that is tied to their Halolens approach.

Their focus is upon business applications since their headsets are so expensive. For now, the being used in everyday life is a bit out of reach. That said, we can target 5 years as a time when these types of devices will be more affordable for the masses.

We are not dealing with full immersion reality as you can see. This could speed up the process since we are dealing with less bandwidth. As we noted, this is enough though to start to enable developers to toy with some very interesting concepts.

It is also possible to see how avatars are also going to come into play. Over time, we will develop "personas" that can be incorporated into our interactions. We literally can create our imaginary friends if we want.

One of the biggest areas where this will likely have an impact is upon gaming. Just think of the possibilities of multi-player games dealing with people all over the world, in mixed reality. To say the experience will be a great deal more lifelike is an understatement.

As we can guess, once we enter the world of the digital, things become bear infinite. In other words, the possibilities are endless as to what can be created.

XR/AR/VR is something to keep an eye on. We are not very far from it becoming a part of our lives.

And these are the types of technology that will totally change it.

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