Time To Turn $LEO Into An Access Token

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This is an important post that I was contemplating for a while. It is time to alter the focus of Leofinance and the $LEO token.

At the core of this is a simple question:

What will it take to get people to buy $LEO?

It is something that we have to keep in mind when going through this post.

Leofinance is essentially an umbrella for everything that is built within the platform. We have many different tentacles with more likely coming in future years. From this, we can look at Leofinance as the holding company (parent) for the rest of the projects. In other words, they all fall under it.

That means it is time to get the reality in alignment with that notion.


Forget Token Burns

There seems to be a lot made about token burns. Here is the result after watching this mechanism implemented over the years within cryptocurrency.

Token burns do not get people to buy the token.

Look at the track record to make a counterclaim. It is an approach and one that ignores the idea of business building. How many projects have we seen that have "the best tokenomics". Yet there is nothing going on with it.

The result is that all tokens can be burned, leaving one that has a value of zero.

Many want to equate it to the stock market and a company doing a buyback. While they do excite people do you know what really gets investors creaming in their pants? Stock splits. When the number of shares are increased, people go crazy.

Of course, it depends upon the company. When Tesla had its last two stock splits, the market ate it up.

The same is not true for a crap company. Whether Sears issued a buyback or a stock split, it would make no difference. That is a dinosaur waiting to die.

Unfortunately, financial engineering is what zombie corporations do to try and stay alive. It is something cryptocurrency has embraced.

Time for Leofinance to not engage in this. Forget burns; concentrate on fundamental business practices that lead to success. The makings are in place with what is already being developed.

Access Token

It is time to make $LEO an access token. This means that people have incentive to own the token. If one does not have it, he or she, in addition to earning it, will have to buy it.

So the question is what does this provide access to?

The answer is simple: Revenues

By holding $LEO (actually Leo Power), one is allowed access to the revenues the Leofinance ecosystem generates. All that is created is a feeder system into this. Hence, there is a direct payout to each LP holder.

This means the revenues generated go to buying $LEO off the open market. This is already in place. That said, instead of burning them, which does not get people to buy $LEO, it is distubuted to the LP holders. This is based upon their holding, further incentivizing holding more.

Newcomers To LeoThreads

It is evident the head of business development for Leofinance is excited about LeoThreads. Like many of us the potential exists for tens of thousands of users.

Here is a potential exchange:

Newcomer: What is this LPUD thing everyone is talking about?

Knowledgeable Lion: That is a day (the 15th) of the month when people stake their $LEO. There are all kinds of prizes available including delegation from different members. This allows the winners to vote for almost a month using the delegation, increasing their $LEO rewards.

Newcomer: So if I power up $LEO on that day I can potentially win one of the delegation prizes in addition to increasing my curation rewards? What if I dont have any $LEO to stake?

Knowledgeable Lion: Correct. If you are without, you can always buy it.

A few days later:

Newcomer: What is this Leo Power distribution day?

Knowledgeable Lion: This is the day when the revenues generated by the entire Leofinance ecosystem are distributed to the Leo Power holders. Throughout the month, the revenues is used to buy $LEO on the open market. Then, on the 20th of the month, it is distributed. The amount is based upon the LP each person's holds as a percentage of the whole.

Newcomer: So if I get $LEO and stake it, then I will get distribution next month?

Knowledgeable Lion: Yes you will. Leofinance is designed to reward the community members who are not only active, but take the main token and stake it. This have multiple benefits which end up providing more rewards to people.

As we can see, with more people using LeoThreads, the potential arises for them to be part of something too.


Rarely do you have this discussed within cryptocurrency which shows why things are stalled a bit. Most businesses talk about growth, both present and future. Investors are always looking for the growth rate of companies. When it comes to the stock market, there are those companies which are considered "growth stocks". Because of the rate of growth they enjoy, relative to the market in general and their peers, they end up being valued higher.

Leofinance should focus exclusively on this. There is no easier way to separate itself from the rest of the crypto mess. Unfortunately, it does not seem like the business builders or entreneurs are the main drivers in this industry.

This platform has a number of pieces in place that serve as a foundation. Now it is time to accelerate that.


All revenues streaks need to feed into $LEO. It is the overall value capture token and at the head of the table.

This starts with Leofinance.

Ad Revenue

Here is a topic discussed in great detail. The place is in already laid out. That said, the revenues should be used to buy $LEO and feed the lions. Screw the token burn. If you want success, simply grow at a faster pace than the inflation rate of the token.

Also, as the revenues grow, the amount, in USD, distributed each month will increase. The amount of $LEO this is going to buy will vary, perhaps even lagging greatly if the price skyrockets.

As they say, a nice problem to have.


We all saw the Tweets: $Cub might go deflationary this month.

My response: who cares. How does that help Leofinance? Obviously this is good for those holding that token but does not benefit $LEO holders in the least.

The answer is it does not. Here is another problem. Cubfinance is a Leofinance project. It was created under the Leo umbrella. For that reason, a portion of the revenue Cubfinance produces each month should go directly to Leo.

Therefore, 10% of the revenues on all Leofinance projects should go towards buying $LEO and distributing to LP holders. If it is a project that is a "subsidiary" of Leofinance, it needs to contribute to the parent. This means anything that is not on Leofinance.io.

By the way, all pages on other Leo applications should have advertisements, furthering the Ad Revenue.

All are feeder systems into Leofinance.


This was discussed on a number of occasions. Adding a layer where content creators can add private articles for subscribers is an evolutionary step. It might take some technology on the back end but this would make the long-form section even more vaulable.

Of course, with Hive's stablecoin, this would be the idea payment system. One could set a monthly fees, say 5 or 10 HBD. The platform should take a percentage of 1% (or 1.5%). This would then be used to buy $LEO off the open market.

Another revenue generation vehicle.

By the way, why not accept $LEO as payment? This is another failed idea in cryptocurrency. People want their token to have value then ask people to give it away. Why would I give $5 (100 at present pricing) in $LEO to someone if I believe it is going to be $4 in the future?

Even worse, why would a project team ask the community to give their tokens away if they believed that?

You do not create value by telling people to get rid of it.

Project Team Focus

There are some things the team needs to align itself with and others it needs to ignore.

Ignore Price

People have a tendency to blame project teams for them losing money. In the case of rug pulls, scams, and hacks, there is probably validity. Outside of that, it is not the case.

Here is the deal:

If one buys $LEO at $.40 and it goes to $.05, that is not the project team's fault.
If one buys $LEO at $.05 and it goes to $.40, that is not the project team's fault.

Nobody is forced to push the buy button. A project team never should do something solely based upon trying to get the price up. That is a recipe for failure and a surefire way to lose credibility.

Long Term

This is something that all need to understand. If not in Leofinance for the long term, then go elsewhere. This is a start up. There is no guarantee where it goes and, even if successful, it is going to take a lot of work to get there.

It is a concept that relates to the first focus: price.

Much of what we see in cryptocurrency is worried about where the price will be. Let's pump it so everyone can feel good. Of course, the inevitable dump ensues which then returns things back to where they were.

The problem with this is credibility is shot. Engaging in short-term tactics to pump a price comes at a cost. If the project team loses credibility, then stick a fork in the platform.

Trust is crucial.


This is something the team has failed epicly on.

How does anyone expect people to buy a token when they have no idea what is happening? We can read all the posts about how wondeful things are but where is the data?

If you are serious about a business, then numbers are crucial. Any investor is going to look for them, even in private ownership situations.

Do we get that with Leofinance? No.

It was a big step forward for them to get the MAUs and actually set a target for growth. Sure we can rely upon the monthly posts by Dalz detailing different things but that is not a replacement for the Leofinance team doing its job.

Does anyone know how many visitors a month Leofinance.io gets? Is it up or down the last 3 months? How has it changed since the new UI took effect?

Obviously, there might be a period of transition as the alpha phase is worked through. Nevertheless, numbers have to be released and done so consistently. This cannot be a post one month and then forget it for a few months.

If you want to people invest, be serious about being a serious project.

Ignore the Naysayers

This might be part of the 90/10 rule.

Basically, 10% of the people are going to cause 90% of the headaches. The reality is many are not cut out to be involved in something like Leofinance. They are not adept at investing, especially in start ups. Patience is lacking plus they buy into the idea that price is reflective of the value and success of the project.

This type requires a lot of energy to engage with and they end up being more trouble than they are worth. The bottom line is nobody is forced to be a part of Leo, so if unhappiness is present, we can always leave.

Leo, Hive, Ethereum, crypto, stocks, and a host of other segments are full of naysayers and complainers. They add little value to the conversation and drain energy from those who are focused upon building.

$LEO-Based Lending

Leofinance is a financial platform. This should mean doing more than simply discussing matter of finance. It means that Leofinance should offer financial services.

One of the most basic services it should provide is lending using $LEO as collateral. This way the community can put their $LEO to work in another way, if that is desired.

This also can incorporate other aspects of the ecosystem, bLEO and bHBD.

$100 Million Ecosystem

The goal for Leo should be to become a $100 million dollar ecosystem. This might sound like a lot but consider the fact that Twitter was sold for $44 billion. We are talking about a smidgeon of that value.

Of course, the key is for Leo to branch into other things. It is a lost more than just a microblogging platform. Subscriptions, over time, could enter the hundreds. Most financial services could be added including lending.

The key to Leofinance is to look 10 years ahead. All should be done with that type of mindset.

If this is done, the market will react accordingly if, for no other reason, it is so rare in cryptocurrency.

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Very interesting and factual write. I just penned my thought where I called $LEO the token of all things. You have raised very valid ideas that should drive revenue for everyone staking $LEO and it is just the way to go.

It would also be interesting to see LeoFinance invest in other projects, even out of Hive and then plough back the profits into buying back LEO for onward value addition to Leo stakeholders.

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It would also be interesting to see LeoFinance invest in other projects, even out of Hive and then plough back the profits into buying back LEO for onward value addition to Leo stakeholders.

I disagree. To me, Leofinance should be building the tools that can create the services people need. This is both financial and social media.

They create the avenues for investing, not do it. Leofinance generates revenues, Leo Power holders create profits.

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Wisdom as spoken here, I totally agree with you

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You make some great points.


Kudos to me - I actually read the whole post.

I agree with Task's arguments. I hope the project team takes the criticism seriously and start working like a business. For that to happen, it needs more organization and have long term vision with implementation schedules. There are definitely few grey areas when it comes to communication. I am fully in and I thin the project team can handle. To be honest, I don't even know who the project team members are :P


Kudos to me - I actually read the whole post.

It is wonderful to have goals.

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For everyone - yes


Once they tidy things up, I believe things will change for even better. Confidence in the project could cause interest in LEO to rocket.

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We hope so. Apart from tidying things up, I also align with Task when he highlights the importance of data and transparency.


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Yeah, healthy critics on Hive! During last AMA I didn't get answer about how team is going to funnel ads returns back to LEO. I would be great to see some answers here. After threads NEW UI I bought my decent stake in LEO and I'd love to grow it but not until I'll see this greater vision of team.


It seems they want funnel it into a burn.

Sadly, this is not an idea that promotes buying. Time to operate like a real business.

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Fully agree! Are there any arguments for burning? Or strictly against redistribution?


I think LEO is amazing and I have been buying some LEO for my own LEO power goals. It definitely has the potential but I wonder if we ever got any LEO distribution for our staked LEO. I know it's something that Khal mentioned a long time ago but I don't think I have ever seen the increase to my LEO Power.

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It is good to keep building.

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Some practical idea and having some support of the LEO token through buying and holding makes sense. The ALIVE token is a tribe token paying its holders dividends, I like this model.

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It is a sensible model.

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This was a very informative post in a variety of ways.

I agree that the LeoFinance team has so far dropped the ball when it comes to the $LEO token utility. Using it only for tipping and curation rewards limits any desire to hold. LP is useful, but the wider financial world wouldn't bother taking the time to blog and earn $LEO as rewards.

Using $LEO as loan collateral, on the other hand - that's a game-changer.

LeoFinance should be a holding company, or a DAO. It should not only be drawing income from Cub DeFi (and POLYCUB) but also redistributing the income from those investments to $LEO holders (and LP holders, of course).

I agree that data is everything, and since it is the new oil of the 21st century, it should be a data-driven platform. You are spot-on: People want to know how many visitors are going to leofinance.io & other LeoVerse properties. They want to see what the growth rates (or shrink rates) are month-to-month, week-to-week and even day-to-day. All charts should be easily-accessible to the public and shared widely in as many places as possible.

As a current Substack writer, I think having Subscriptions within the LeoVerse (and perhaps Hive Ecosystem, as a whole) would be a huge deal. Substack depends on Stripe to process ALL txs on-platform. Stripe takes 2.99% + a 0.01 cent fee per tx for EVERY transaction. This is on top of any newly-created subscription plan that is paid for. As a personal example, my top tier paid subscription is $120/yr, but I don't get paid $120. Substack and Stripe both take fees, so that I got $106.

Now, that might not seem like much, but the idea was to make it $10/month, and those middlemen fees taken out (pre-tax, as well) make it so that I don't even get to receive $10/month, and it gets taxed at both the federal and state income tax level..So Substack writers don't get to keep the fruits of their labors.

Just another use case for $HBD & $LEO, accepting payments for subscriptions (and tips) for content created.

I also think that the burn mechanism doesn't incentivize anyone to buy and hold $LEO. I have watched the LeoVerse develop and grow for nearly 2 years now, and I have not seen any evidence to support burning $LEO out of existence - the same applies to $CUB. No one is buying $CUB as an investment at this point in the bear market - and as a $0.01 token, it's barely worth the $BNB fees to obtain.

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The bottom line is to build features that contain monetization and figure out how to generate revenues.

This all can then feed into the buying of $LEO and distribution to LP holders.

As that grows, it will make holding LP even more profitable.

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For sure, 100%. I feel like the Holding Company proposition you made is the best option, because it would eliminate any need to rebrand, and it would allow for more unified marketing and advertising strategies off-platform to attract new users. IF LeoThreads is the flagship product, that should be the primary focus of promotion on Twitter imo


It is a great onboarding tool for people into the ecosystem.

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2d (edited)

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My wish for Leo Finance is for it to attract more than 50% of crypto enthusiasts and investors globally to come and discuss crypto on the platform while earning some $LE0. When people come here and share ideas, and correct misconceptions, the whole industry gets better. Cryptocurrency and blockchain's usefulness in the world gets a boost.

On the buy-back and burn, I think a fraction of investors do need to see that to feel that LEO might be scarce and thus valuable someday. Maybe Leo Finance is catering to that emotion and preference.

I always wonder if we could see the possibility of $LEO traded in a CEX. That could shake things up!

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I think the targets are hard to forecast. It is great to set them.

However, LeoThreads is general use which means we might attract a lot of non-crypto people, at least inititially. Over time, just by being here, they will end up as in crypto.

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So a business which allowed people to borrow against Leo on their Cub might be be attractive and profitable?

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If people have value in $LRO, why not have an application where those who want to, can leverage it by taking out a loan against it?

It will be volatile so there will have to be margins where one gets called out but it should be an option.

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Is Leo Power distribution day already implemented or just a proposal? How about lending using #LEO as collateral?

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Just a proposal.

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A good one. How I wish the community will support it.


A very provocative and interesting post. The advantages of different points of view on a subject are well known. It is a strength of Leofinance to consider all opinions and it will be interesting to see what other minds come up with after processing these thoughts and ideas.

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I personally have tried to build projects on Leofinance and Cubfinance which add value and create the opportunity to invest Leo for more earnings beyond those obtained from LeoPower and curation. Although these are successful with the return on investment being 80-100% for EasyDefi, the market here is small and the participation level keeps the profit margins to small to justify expanding the projects into more fancy endeavors.

Building projects which return value and controlling risk is not easy, and I have learned from these two projects here and four similar projects on Steemit how to build a better one in terms of losses and how to build a better one in terms of gains.

But it is difficult to earn large APR without risk. For me the happy medium is good returns with little but not insignificant risk. Ironically most of the risk is short term, and my long term investors have done well despite the shrinkage of their initial capitol due to high rate of returns. Most are operating with essentially free capitol now.

This has truned into more of a comment on my projects, then your post, and although these things are related, I will end it now.

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