WallStreetBets Community Now On Hive: An Open Invite To Join Web 3.0

12 days ago
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WallStreetBets made a name for itself when it took on the centralization that is Wall Street. People are now learning that big money, hedge funds run that arena. The average person truly stands little chance. The web of interconnected players that includes regulators is astounding. In other words, the system is rigged.

This was brought to light by WallStreetBets and it showed what is possible when average Janes and Joes band together. While not as rich as hedge funds, well targeted approaches can be effective.

As a result of your actions, WallStreetBets was dumped, temporarily, by Reddit. Here we see another centralized institution that can exert over control of a community for no reason at all. What did WallStreetBets do that was so wrong? Take on the centralized entity that is Wall Street? Presumably, this is not music to the ears of other centralized entities.

Congratulations on your achievement. However, it is now time to take another step.

Leave the centralized structure that is Reddit in favor of a community run forum that you can control. In other words, nobody can take it away from you. Nor can any of the members of WallStreetBets have their account closed. This is established on the Hive blockchain which is a focus point of what is developing into Web 3.0.

Much like Wall Street, social media is extremely centralized. This puts enormous power in the hands of a few people. This is not where the future lies.

Technology is allowing us to wrestle control from them. In short, we are now able to opt out in favor of platforms that we control. This is what Hive is and what the community of WallStreetBets can experience.

Here is a post that explains the full initiative:


The community of Wall Street Bets is populated with individuals who are not going to adhere to what the system is. You will not succumb to the pressure to simply obey. This is what most of us in crypto believe also.

Alternatives are quickly being erected. WallStreetBets now can, through its own community, tokenize to make itself into an economy. Anything of value as determined by the community can be rewarded and transferred. Through development, a digital network can form which can offer goods and services, completely outside the establishment.

It is time to unite the WallStreetBets and Hive. Hive has one of the strongest communities having withstood our own attack from someone who thought that a large amount of money could beat us. That history only served to make the entity more resilient.

We are helping to populate your community until you get comfortable with the platform. More can be added in terms of features, limited only by your imagination.

Now is the time for all individuals who are involved or following WallStreetBets to join the transformation to Web 3.0. Why engage in activity on Reddit for free when one can be rewarded with voted that carry real monetary value? Is making the venture capitalists at Reddit that important to you?

As you can see, this post was published using site that was set up for you. It is all open for you to take advantage of.

The community can do all that it does on Reddit yet with censorship resistance, immutability and rewards.

So again, why do something for free and make others rich in the process?

Those of us on Hive decided a long time ago to enrich ourselves instead of the social media giants.

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