a few boats

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a few boats

Good Morning all I hope life is treating you well

as most of you probably know I live in New Bedford MA a coastal city with lots of boats and marinas and I thought I should do a post just focusing on ships of various types.

Starting with a shot of some of the boats in Popes Marina a fairly good sized Marina on Popes Island a small island between New Bedford and Fairhaven.


*Sony A7iv 75mm F8 1/25 Sec ISO 100
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Some real nice boats docked in this marina, I have often wanted to walk out on the Marina docks and look at some of the ships, but as I mostly visit this spot in the early morning its only accessible to members so I had not had the chance

But you may notice al old ship in this first photo, that is the Neo Trinidad a replica of one of Magellan's ships that is travelled around the world and was docked here for a week.

It was possible to buy tickets and go and checkout the ship and the docks which was cool and when I get around to editing those photos I will do a post talking about it

This next shot was one day when I was picking up my granddaughter from school, as parking by the school can get crazy I generally go there about 45 minutes before school gets out and walk down to the shoreline for half an hour and enjoy some fresh air.


Sony A7iv 349mm F8 1/500 Sec ISO 100
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Occasionally while there I may be lucky enough to see some boats going by such as this yacht heading out of the harbor

Some more boats in Popes Marina including the Neo Trinidad


Sony A7iv 75mm F8 1/25 Sec ISO 100
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The yacht again, the conditions were pretty rough that day windy and choppy water the yacht at times was at a real slant in fact while I was watching it tacked and turned in a circle before heading out again


Sony A7iv 400mm F8 1/400 Sec ISO 100
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From Popes island you can view this small island surrounded by Boats, it is called Crow Island and is privately owned I believe and had a property on it


Sony A7iv 75mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 200
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And a couple of yachts to finish off the post


Sony A7iv 400mm F8 1/400 Sec ISO 100
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And that’s all folks


unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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