Thank you my Secret Santa, and Merry Christmas to all!

What a great Christmas this is already! My phone and computer both had a melt-down this week so uploading pictures is out of the…

Announcing PSYBER Crates and how you can obtain them. Don't miss out, there are only 100,000 in total ! ! ! !

PSYBER CRATES don't miss out... there are only 100,000 available. How can you obtain your own PSYBER crate for opening? There will…


The Founder Edition NFTs are coming to an end very soon. (November 10th at 5:00PM PST) We have less than 3 days remaining before these…

Gold and Silver, it looks like we stackers have made a great call!

I'm glad my hedge against inflation is working out the way I thought. At times I even I wondered if investing in the metals was the right…

I picked up some options on silver miners when they were smacked yesterday!

I'm a sucker for buying stuff when people think it's overvalued. This is a chart of First Majestic Silver corp, you can see how it had a…

Its time to look at precious metals again!

This has been a great week for Hive, with lots of gains! Now the big question is do we hold on to it or take some off the table…

What will Microblogging be like? (soon?)

I see a lot of people posting things that would fit into the microblogging category. I think we need to let new people know that there…

I keep adding to the stack with some new graded gold and silver Eagles.

It took a whole month to finally get these little Beautiful gold and silver Eagles in my hand. (source) Fun Fact (Stone Henge)…

What will the Fed do next?

This was a very strange week in the markets, gold, silver, and crypto's got recked! source I like to watch the gold SPDR chart to…

My last gold purchase has lost a bit of value. (not)

My last post about gold was a story about being careful when getting gold mailed to you from an online source. (ME AND MY DOGE)…

What's going on with Stellar?

This one hasn't had so much publicity, at least on Leo Finance. [source] Sometimes when you open an old wallet you notice a token…

A warning about buying gold and silver online!

The story of my online purchase of gold. So a couple of weeks ago I ordered two gold eagles from my favorite bullion dealer, S.D.…

Is silver is supposedly the next Reddit day trading target?

I have always thought silver would be a target someday according to some YouTubers that I follow. (source) I don't own any…

Looking at gold today for more savings options.

Do you feel like we are in an everything bubble? source It seems like everything is going up in value these days and I'm having a…

Report | One Month on LeoFinance and 2021 Goals

It was almost one month ago when I wrote my first post here on LeoFinance. I did receive a nice an

50,000 LEO, and my other my goals for 2021!

Keeping track of your financial goals should be up on top of everyones list of things to do at the beginning of every year! This…

Merry Christmas and thank you Secret Santa!

I would like to take this moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I would like to thank my Secret Santa from the…

The Newest Crypto Currency & It's Creator! We Asked For The ProTips To See If We Can Maximize Our LEO On The 100 Millionaires Podcast

The Creator Of LeoFinance Is Down To Earth And Focused On Your Financial Success! @khaleelkazi for those who don't already know is the…

Amazing Hive chart!

Not our Hive- (click bait) lol I completely forgot that I bought this stock a long time ago. I noticed it yesterday on one of…

Financial Education #5: A New Monetary System Is Coming

The Inevitable Will Happen A new monetary system is coming. Historically this has happened every 40 years. This new system has always…