An Overview of Splinterlands Discord Server

I decided to write this open letter post as an overview to @Splinterlands official Discord Server . This is more to help the team…

Fan Art Text Dividers - Chaos Legion Splinterlands Theme ( Free to use to decorate your posts )

Hello there, summoners. How are you doing? Did you enjoy the excitement of receiving vouchers? Yes, the Chaos Legion has begun, and…

Season challenge: Playing with a spellbook and 1K+ DEC

Recently, there has been a lot of commotion about how you can't play Splinterlands without investing a ton. While I am quite sure that…

Chaos Legion - Stop a Moment to Appreciate the Art! (+ Giveaway Winner)

In the euphoria of #Splinterlands $VOUCHER airdrop, let's all stop for a moment and appreciate the Chaos Legion artworks shown thus far.…

Splinterlands 101 - Multiverse Ways to Earn in Splinterlands Ecosystem (+ Giveaway)

This is a cross post of @tedus/splinterlands-101-multiverse-ways-to-earn-in-splinterlands-ecosystem by @tedus.3 ways to earn in…

Splinterlands 101 - Multiverse Ways to Earn in Splinterlands Ecosystem (+ Giveaway)

Only 2 months, and I've found at least 23 ways to earn in #Splinterlands and its surrounding ecosystem. Of course I have tried almost all…

Splinterlands 101 - Cheat or Not Cheat, You Decide!

These past few days there are several Spy-Your-Battle tools out there for @Splinterlands players to use. Today I'm going to explain one…

Splinterlands 101 - Guild Economics for Newbie (Part 1 of 2)

This is a cross post of @tedus/splinterlands-101-guild-economics-for-newbie-part-1 by @tedus.For Splinterlands' Newbie Looking for a…

Splinterlands 101 - Guild Economics for Newbie (Part 1 of 2)

During the past month since I started playing #Splinterlands , I've encountered so many new players asking to join a guild, either in…

How to Buy, Stake and Earn SPT tokens with Splintertalk.io and Hive-Engine

If you're relatively new to Splinterlands and Hive more generally you may have noticed that you can earn SPS (Splintershards tokens)…

Splinterlands 101 - Attack Sequence / Order

Both monsters have same speed, but why the hell it attacks first? You If you lose, you lose. But sometimes, losing because of…

Splinterlands | Full Guide To Blogging For New Players!

Splinterlands is not only a Play2Earn game, it also offers a vibrant community where players have to potential to earn something from

Splinterlands 101 - Abbreviations

Let's make this short. Abbreviations sucks (at least for newbie like me). I decided to go the long way to gather info and summarize the…

We are the Community - Why you should join Splinterlands Community?

Me : What is this game? (while searching how to earn money online)

Daily Pack Opening & Giveaway, Ep. 6 - 3x DICE Packs! 500 Hive AND 500 HSBI Art Contest!! Who Won the Lorna Shine?!


Splinterlands 101 - How to Explain Splinterlands to Someone?

Friend : [ glance over monitor ] Hey, what are you playing? Me : Oh, this is Splinterlands, an NFT game. Friend : What? End of…

# My First Season - Splinter Stats Season 55 Report Card

@tedus This is my first season's report card using @kiokizz @Splinterstats tool. Match Report Performance |Stat|#|

⭐️All The HIVE DOLLARS This Topic Generates Is YOURS Week Sixteen⭐️

I'm giving away all the liquid HIVE Dollars this post generates via a free raffle. No upvote, Resteem or Follow required (Although doing…

Splinterlands - All Combat Rulesets

SPLINTERLANDS COMBAT RULESETS Hello all @Splinterlands player. Today I'm going to list all the combat rules that I have encou

Splinterlands Art Contest Week 149 - Gelatinous Cube

Cube One night when the moons were full, the renegades of the Lunta Kalna performed a secret and powerful rit