Crashing economy - California Gig workers, Cashflow is next..

NEW RECORD HIGH: Gas prices in California hit a new average record of $6.02 a gallon, and they’re set to go even higher

Glad this week is behind us…

Afternoon everyone … If we’re thinking about retiring, this past week probably changed your mind. This was the worst week for all…

This Is When Legends Are Made

My four and a half years of Hiving have taught me the following about the current HIVE Prices. 1) It can Get Worse A whole lot…

More casino fun in florida

Now recently i went to the hard rock casino for the first time and had 100$ to start. I played the new slot huff n more puff and made my…

Happy Birthday to ME….

Afternoon everyone …. If you didn’t already know, well you will now. The 510 in my silverd510 is my birthday numbers 5-10. Which is…

The Hive Engagement League 🏆

Welcome to the Hive Engagement League! Thank you to everyone who sponsors and supports the EL, your kindness is appreciated! If you…

Building an Empire - Philosophy of ECOBANK

I would like to take a moment to give you guys a deeper dive into the ECOBANK model we are building, this has been the work of more than…

Saturday silver

Evening everyone …. It’s almost 7pm and I’m still on a job site. Trying to get done so I can do something for mom tomorrow. So here’s…

Still painful

Hi friends, It has been a painful time to be an investor, whether the stock market or the crypto market. Bitcoin has sure taken a…

May the fourth be with you…

Afternoon everyone …. I don’t know who started the whole “May the fourth be with you”. But I’m a big fan of Star Wars, so I’m aboard.…

Pillars Of Wealth, Time Or Money, Leo AMA, Tesla Sec, Bitcoin >>LeoFinance Curation

@HODLCommunity presents to you the 190th LeoFinance Curation Post We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the mo

LeoFinance Engagement | I Just Sent Out 1400 LEO to Everyone Who Beat Me Last Week

LeoFinance Engagement has been picking up a lot over the past few weeks. We're seeing thousands of more comments each week than the weeks…

LVL Liquidity Pool Update 2

23 days after adding lvl/hive to liquidity pool on tribaldex. As you can see its been a fairly up and down roller-coaster . Overall we…

End to my april earnings challenge

So today is the last and final day of my challenge and i earned a total of 16$ and change. I still have some pending right now so we will…

Bisbee Silver Cast Bar - 100 gram

I picked up another silver bar in February. I got a Bisbee Silver Bar.

Do you bike on the sidewalk or the road?

Now i go for walks usually and sometimes i go biking. I see people biking on the road and sometimes on the sidewalk. Now i have a…

Im out here hustling

Getting caught up and moving along. ![image.png](

Guess I am Changing Some Things Up After Lessons Learned

Every business has its evolutions. Nothing is ever constant. You have to learn how to go with the flow to maximize your output in life.…

"SOS" on 20-04-2022

On 20-04-2022 our friends from Volunteer Centre "MRIYA" sent us a "SOS": few month old babies are in need for food and other stuff…

LeoFinance Engagement 🦁

A weekly view on engagement using the interfaces. All accounts using the and the mobile application are…