Splinterlands Gold League Rewards

So i took some time to finish off the season with Gold III league. Reached it a few minutes before the season ended but i got 21 rewards…

Splinterlands My Card Collection

Hello everyone it's Mr.Crypto and so far i have received a lot of support on my splinterlands post so i've decided to do some more. Every…

Buying my Splinterlands first card pack

Hello everyone it's Mr.Crypto and yesterday i purchased my first card pack on splinterlands. They told me any cards i buy or earn in 2…

Splinterlands Monsterpit Account Playtime

So recently @summertooth gave me his prize of 2 seasons with the @monsterpit account. I have been getting better at playing and have…

Financial Education #72: Crypto Investing Takes Courage

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Crypto has a short track record amd promises a lot. Taking thrbthe plunge takes cou

My 1000 Hp delegation profit so far.

So as most of you know i delegated 1000 hive power to @accelerator five days ago. And yesterday i received my first payout of m tokens.…

3 Bets to earn 100,000 Gamer tokens for my daily goal

As I wrote before on this matter I enjoy Gimbaling … but what I enjoy more then that is Earning massive Divs. [I Enjoy Gambling, so much…

Covid grant for any college students in the U.S.

Hello everyone I'm writing you today to let you know about the covid 19 grant. So a few weeks ago i found out about the grant. And so i…

I delegated 1000 hive for the first time and now i will wait!

So I have approximately 1,600 hive power and recently just thought about delegating so I did. And @ecoinstant recommended me to…

Who should I delegate to? | Also talking about my tokens

Hello everyone it's Mr. Crypto and today I ask you all who should I delegate to? I would like to know some options I have as well as…

YouTube Shorts Fund of 100 million dollars.

If you haven't heard YouTube just released info about a YouTube shorts fund where small creators and anyone can get a piece of the cash…

Gambling some tokens recently and buying new ones.

I played on some crypto gambling sites this week like roobet and kryptogames. And i won some and lost some. I managed to scoop up some…

📊 A Limited 10,000 HLSHARE Pre-Launch Shares Available Today in Initial Asset Offering. ( 100% of This Round Has Been Bought! )

After debating it a bit internally as to how this sort of thing would be received by the community decided to pull the trigger and do a…

Simple tutorial on how to buy things in the new dcity.

Hello everyone i hope you are having a good day. Like most people i was having trouble figuring out the new dcity layout but now it's a…

3rd edition is out - sucking up 10s of millions of SIM as we speak! COMBINES limit law firms, laboratories and more!

What an incredible release! With a brand new UI interface, there is a lot to do and learn in the 3rd edition of DCITY. I have just spent…

Doing some bitcoin gambling with roobet.

So recently I started using a site called roobet to gamble with a small bit of bitcoin. It's surprisingly fun but I haven't gotten any big…

Just Like Old Times.....

Afternoon everyone..... In the last couple days, I feel like the clock was running backwards. Maybe it was just a dream? Maybe I was in…

Over 10k Taxis in UK Will Soon Accept Crypto Payments on Smart Contract-Support Blockchains

Source Crypto payments are creeping in on us at a pace that looks slow but realistically 2021 have seen rise in

Who is It?

Hi Friends, It is crazy to me that we still do not know the identity of the famed creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. However, afte

World Coin(s) Wednesday....

Afternoon everyone..... So here we are once again. Metals are pretty much sideways. Crypto is pretty much sideways as well. But that…