Accumulate when the attention is elsewhere

What a great time to get back into Leo, sure it was hyped up and everyone and their mother was all into Leofinance, nowadays the talk is…

Cent Liquidity Pools Current Status

Two weeks ago, a post was published about Cent Token's liquidity pools. In that post, we announced that new rewards would be added to the…

Waiting for Splinterlands pre-sale

I have been staking sps and stacking sps for a couple of weeks now. I have a bit right now to purchase a couple of card packs. Currently…

Apmex limited edition watch unboxing

Alright so recently i made a few big purchases from apmex and i thought i would share them today with a nice unboxing video. I purchased 6…


Sahaquiel as the name implies this NFT monster is more of an Angel he enjoys one of the best intergalactic chronic in the form of THC…

Let's see BRO dividends for last week along with APR

Hello everybody . Hope you all are doing great . We know that whoever is holding BRO will receive dividends in various tokens everyday…

Utopis is valued at 5 Hive

APR (based on most recent payout + Recent price of UTOPIS):69.27% A couple of months back I decided to do Doordash 100% full time, I n

Where Did My DEC Go?

Once upon a time, there was an APE investor who was ape-ing around on CUB. She put 1000 DEC, and bought some BUSD, she made an LP and…

Daily Token Income

So recently i decided that i want to invest more into my future. I rented away all my splinterlands cards and purchased several tokens…

HIVE Consolidation Before Next Move?

HIVE has been consolidating a bit around the $.75 level with some pretty big downward moves in the momentum. That said, th

Blood in the water….

Afternoon everyone…… While it never ceases to amaze me, I still can’t understand not one bit. How with the never ending printing press…

Splinterlands Rewards For The Season

Hello everyone it's Mr. Crypto and recently i haven't played that much on splinter lands so i didn't get to many rewards but here is what…

Hand-poured Silver Bar No.81

COBRA, #1 This piece is a hand-pour from Pit Bullion. He poured this one in 2018. The mold holds 3 ounces of silver. Of course he…

Outpost, Proposal Pools, and exciting Hive-Engine Updates no one really understands yet

Things are happening on HIVE and it can be hard to keep up! I have been discovering new things about hive-engine's offerings, which are…

TribalDex - Missing Liquidity Pools for SPT cryptocurrency

Splinterlands took by storm the entire crypto gaming space and it climbs abruptly each day with tens of thousands of new users. With that…

BROFi - stats and APR for all tokens.

A very good morning to everyone , hope you all are doing good . It has been a while since we talked about @brofi and the APR , let us…

Avoiding low quality content on Hive blockchain

Hive blockchain is boosting from the Splinterlands expansion as over 10,000 users are joining it day after day. And with that, some of…

Calling all Smart Savers the No Loss Lottery accepts Hive!

Calling all Hive Super Savers! The Prize Linked Savings Account called No Loss Lottery accepts Hive for savings as Leo and Lottery…

The No Loss Lottery Sells it’s 2000th Ticket

The No Loss Lottery Sold it’s 2000th Ticket Last week! It’s a great milestone because not only does it mean the weekly

NFT Games On Hive Blockchain Crypto Games

NFT Games On Hive Blockchain Crypto Games The NFT gaming space