Craziest Way I Saw Anyone Make Money Via Cryptos.

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It's no news that the crypto space is filled with life changing opportunities which come with quite alot of risk. With thr current events going on, I think it'd be cool and a morale booster to share with you all the craziest way I've seen anyone make money in the crypto space. This experience was shared by someone I knew personally and I can relate to because I had also taken part in the event that yielded the massive profit.

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I've heard of folks making crazy money from NFTs, memecoins and hodling cryptos for a couple years, but this is different. It wasn't fueled by FOMO and happened in just 48 hours of investing. This event also happen in the bear market and with a project that caused a massive loss to so many investors...yeah, you guessed right, LUNA Terra and this is why it's the craziest thing I've seen in a long time.

It's quite unfortunate the project caused alot of loss for many of its long term users but I had a friend who like me also felt like investing in the crypto because he felt the project was it the lowest point it could ever get to...when $LUNA's price crashed to $0.000002. He woke up in the middle of the night to check out the market and saw LUNA at that price with a 100% crash in price. I was awake at around that time as well and felt the same way about the project. I literally gambled with the project by buying couple bucks worth of LUNA, but this person on his side had bought $1000 worth of LUNA.

We all know what happened to LUNA after 48 hours and this person had over $50,000k worth of LUNA. He shared screenshot of his account and it was simply incredible and unbelievable. This is the first person i've seen make so much money from cryptos in 48 hours of investing and it's really just a reminder of how people can become rich overnight in the crypto space and the enormous opportunities in this space.

Investing in cryptos with the mindset of getting rich quick could be traumatic though. Most folks like this person didn't think this would happen and he invested when the crypto was at its lowest point. My thoughts go out to everyone who got affected by the massive crash of LUNA and UST, I hope you guys recover from the losses and bounce back better than before.

Please note that my articles are not a financial advice and are solely my thoughts from analysis and experience. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile so please do your due research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Yes, this is the rare case when you can say that what is bad for some, then for others who took advantage of the situation, this is a gift from God)

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Well, that’s just a lucky shot in my opinion, the odds of LUNA going to 0,000000002 were higher than going up in my opinion. Millions tried to chase the ultimate bottom and failed. He got lucky… But good for him


It's luck, I guess. When you do something like this, you get lucky and make a lot of money, you may do this more. And there is a high chance you will lose more in the same way.

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