Critics Of Crypto Are As Important As The Believers.

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It's no news that there are individuals and establishmenst who criticize the crypto movement with all their might and anytime we listen to their takes on some crypto related actions and events, we could feel so much hate, disbelief and mistrust towards the crypto industry. Many if these critics are billionaires with vast knowledge and experience while some have simple chosen to be ignorant and really don't like trying out new things.

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One thing to note though is that critics are very important in every industry in the world. I could say they offer quite alot of help infact to building an industry and pointing out it flaws, just that sometimes most people don't see it that way. They give their opinions from an entirely different perspective and really smart people take some key points from their analysis and opinions , go back to the drawing board and chip in the new idea they found valuable from the critics.

There are actually hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who think "the crypto industry is just a bubble", "cryptos have no relevance and offers nothing","crypto is some form of ponzi scheme" and the most famous one, "crypto will become valueless" by the renowned billionaire, Warren Buffett. Many developers and crypto entrepreneurs felt these thoughts were purely hateful ones towards the industry by crypto non-believer but overtime many of them have learnt to embrace these critics, take a few points from their arguments and rants, and develop a project that counters their initials thoughts.

In the early days for example, cryptos were always slammed for not having any form of utility and now we have decentralised social media platform like Hive, play to earn games, defi projects, NFTs etc.

Most of the time, critics point out vividly the flaws of a project or an idea from their point of view. Sometimes they maybe wrong and sometimes, they may be right. Either ways, listening to them us very important and picking out the gems from the trash can help build something bigger than we can ever imagine.

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