RE: What To Do Now If You Entirely Depend On Cryptocurrencies To Survive?

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You should only be selling if you really need to have some FIAT.
There will be plenty of ups and downs for the next while.
One thing this slump has reassured me is that HBD is fantastic. Like it or not bitcoin should be in people's portfolio it was and still is far more reliable than many other coins.
Focus on building and researching, and seeing what else pays in dollars rather than just focusing on crypto.
Great wee article Ophelia:)

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I am actually glad for HBD because that is what I've been selling these days, not hive but I try not to even unless necessary.

You are also right about there being highs and lows, it's inevitable.

Thank you so much for reading @tengolotodo 😊


I tell you what, HBD is really awesome and the 20% in savings is cool. Well unfortunately needs must and if you need to sell, it can't be helped.
My pleasure I do read your posts, sometimes it takes a while though🤣
Enjoy the rest of your weekend😁


Exactly, no matter how much I try, some needs must be met.

Thank you so much for reading, have a great weekend too ❤️


Yes if you have to, you have to :)