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Oh man that is amazing Nathen, thank you so very much for that.
I must admit before I was doing the Saturday Savers I would get disheartened about seeming to engage and not really get anywhere. Now I see progress, not alot compared to many others but still progress and I will still engage away!
Have a brilliant week and an even better December!

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You're more than welcome. I love @shanibeer 's Saturdays savers initiative and enjoy reading the weekend posts.
It can be tough here when things move slower than you hope but you just have to keep going! There's always something or someone who pops up to put a smile back, I find.

Great week to you too, mate. Keep grinding ;-)


Yes she has done great, they are great to read and I get so many ideas from people!
Ah you got that right, something or someone pops up like clockwork!

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