RE: HIQS and ALIVEM join my Saturday Savers Week 39

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I love it, and am loving seeing some people from here goto last weeks Savers post and comment. @jane1289 for example would be awesome, and she knows so much more than she lets on. She just needs a wee kick up the arse so to speak! So we can both do it, that might work hehe

The leotasks are a good idea, the LF guys are trying to do lots of things to get engagement and grow LF. So kudos to all of them.

Tokens oh yes I have, and next time I post I will mention a wee bit about that journey.

lpud ah yes another thing that once you get into it, then you want to be able to participate passively, that is my goal!

I loved your comments on here, it is great encouragement for people.

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