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I joined Hive and Leo not too long ago and I gotta say it took some effort. It can even be scary sometimes!

Fortunately, I was lucky to find a great community here in Leo filled with people that are willing to help and answer all my questions, no matter how dumb or basic they are. Not really a surprise though, as it's well known that people are a community's greatest asset.

I do agree, however, that an easier, more user-friendly would help a LOT. Especially if it targets people who have none or very little previous experience with blockchains, crypto, and so on....

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Welcome to HIVE, though you entered through LEO, you are probably aware by now that LEO is a token that trades with the base token HIVE. How did you find creating an account via LEO?

Everyone is friendly here if you are not a plagiarist, scammer and are genuine. It's not hard to figure it out and there are dedicated groups of people who do just that.

I see you have met @steevc already. He was my mentor for many months..., he's a good person to clone when it comes to behaviour here. Enjoy and relax..


I actually entered through Hive, but most of my learning has been here on LEO. Sorry if my comment was misleading!

But it's true, people here (on LEO and Hive as a whole) have been very friendly and helpful.

Ah yes! I met @steevc at the Guitar community. Turns out we are both Tele lovers hehe

But yes, he is a great guy and really helped me with my first steps.

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