Getting downvoted to 0.00 on LeoFinance

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Well, it had to happen one day. I just didn't expect my rather harmless Justice League Review to be the cause. I am not sure if there is even a human on the platform using @leovoter (the first culprit), but @niallon11 (the second culprit) seems to be an actual user. Maybe he can explain why the 0.03 LEO I was going to earn with the post were way too much.

It is maybe because I linked a clip from the movie in my review. If that is the case I am really proud that Hollywood got defended against an evil parasite like me.

We live in an age, where a downvote on a post is not a disagreement on rewards but a declaration of war and I would really like to know why some Irish twat is thinking I deserve to be exiled from the platform.

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