Getting my money back from the Casino | Week 2

11 days ago
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So it has been almost 2 weeks since I lost 1.000.000 Satoshi at the Betfury Casino. It wasn't all for nothing since I made a lot of BFG-Tokens which are stacking Tokens with daily payouts in BTC, Tron, Tether and just added Ether.

My goal is now to not longer gamble and only do free games that I unlocked by being Rank 2. The "New Year Spin" and 30 Satoshi Box every 20 minutes were a fine way to grind the past days without actually gambling. So far I have about 50.000 Satoshi, I am already 5% there!

@betfury-steem promised that there will be new great bonuses soon since the Christmas bonuses are over now.


For now the plan is to not touch BetFury until there are some new bonuses I can grind for free. Although it is tempting to just buy some Ether and play, since Ether wagers are also staking the superior BFG(BTC) Token.


If you want to try out BetFury yourself please use my referral link:

Shout out to my 1 Ref who is grinding hard and looking like he will be Rank2 soon!

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