Me buying and powering up 200 LEO

6 days ago
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Welp, I browsed on Friday through Sunday and it was pretty fun. It reminded a lot of my old days on Steemit.

I don't really want to turn this into an all-out Hype Post, even tho I am tempted to since I am genuinely bullish on LEO. We might see a scenario similar to 2017 - a big alt coin cycle and I believe Leo is most likely to be the one embraced by the western world out of the big three: Steemit, Hive, Leo. With 3 Mil Market Cap there is a lot of potential if somehow Leo gets noticed by the main stream.

This is also part of me wanting to give back. My whole Crypto portfolio is based on my Steemit payouts from 2017. I made good friends, even though some are gone by now and I learned a lot! About Crypto, but also about American politics, in specific Libertarianism and Anarcho Capitalism. I had a lot of discussions and debates... I miss the politics part today.


I actually want to build a pendant to Leo for politics but I will write more about that in another post. For now I will embrace my inner Lion, we are in the year of the Ox, facing a maybe never seen before Bull... who better to slay this beast than the Lion? The King of the Jungle!

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