New Years Resolutions and Goals for 2021

25 days ago
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It's the resolution time of year! I usually don't make these, but I'm commiting to them this year and documenting them on the Hive blockchain.

Financial Goals

I've been living solely off crypto and stock market trading since Oct. 2019. With everything that happened in 2020 I dipped into a little of my trading nut. I'd like to find some kind of job that I actually enjoy in 2020. I like having the paycheck to fall back on when I have a bad week, month, or year trading. I'd also like to take that cross country motorcycle trip sooner or later and at this rate, it's just not going to happen.

My financial goals for 2021 are simply get a job I can live with. Increase my trading nut by 20% and at least get the money put aside for my dream vacation motorcycle trip.

With Corona and everything that's happening right now a cross country motorcycle trip probably wouldn't be ideal anyway. However, I'd like to start a savings fund and get the money put aside to be able to do it whenever I decide the timing is right. I've currently got about 1/3 of the amount I need to be comfortable doing it. Hitting this goal would be one less thing to stress about or concern myself with.

Fitness / Health

I put a lot of weight back on in 2020. It was pretty easy to do during the lock-downs. I haven't weighed myself but I'm guessing I could probably drop 100 lbs easily. I'm 6' 2" and I worked out with weights most of my life. I'm guessing I'm currently around 300 lbs again. My ideal weight when exercising is around 200 lbs. So I'll be weighing myself on January 2nd and it's back to diet and serious exercise. Goal 200 lbs by 2022!

Guitar / Music

One of the AWESOME things that happened in 2020 was I started playing guitar again after a 20 year break. I'm so happy I got back into this. I have to limit the time I play because of arthritis in my hands, but the mild discomfort is nothing compared to the enjoyment I receive playing my guitar. After about 8 months of playing I'm slowly getting back to where I was when I stopped. For 2021 I plan on finishing the Fender Play blues course I started and I'm committed to learning at least 6 new songs this year. I also plan to post some guitar related stuff to the guitar community on Hive and maybe 3speak.


I'm still cleaning up my mess from the 2018 / 2019 bear markets. My crypto goals for 2021 are simple. Clean up my mess from the bear market. Between the Cryptopia hack, Bittrex dropping NY customers, and Binance dropping US customers, the last couple years have been a struggle. I'm not complaining, but it's like I've been swimming upstream against the current for a really long time now. My only crypto goals right now are to get things organized and back on track.

Besides getting all my crypto stuff in order I plan on focusing on Hive and LeoFinance and building both a trading position and my community involvement here. You can read more about my hive goals here.

In 2021 I'm drastically reducing the number of projects I'm getting involved with. Focusing on a few trading positions in the top 20 by market cap and putting in the time to all things Hive and Leo related.

In Summary

So to summarize this. Get a job, save money, lose 100lbs, learn 6 new guitar songs, upload some of the songs to 3speak and the guitar community, and finally get my crypto portfolio in order after the Binance / Cryptopia debacles and bear market of 2018 / 2019. All documented on the Hive blockchain so I have no excuse not to follow through. Expect a lot of health / diet and fitness blogging in 2021