RE: Some Ways Technology Is Going To Radically Change The Business World

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Nice look into the future with this article mate. A while ago I was talking to my mother about what the future could be like thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence. A world where people no longer have to work so many hours or days, or even not have to work at all thanks to robots and AI could do all the work for us, and just as you say in your post, each person would have small stakes in thousands of companies. A world in which humans are free to live without so many worries and technology does the heavy lifting for us, we would just concentrate on continuing to research, experiment and improve the technology we would already have, and on the most important thing, living.

Obviously, in order for this system to be implemented someday in the future, there would have to be unity in the world. The truth is a very complicated issue since we would also need a world free of corruption for such a system to be implemented in the future.

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