Bitcoin just TOUCHED 30k

15 days ago
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My first post on Bitcoin was back at 22 December! A more detailed post with technical analysis was made later on the 26th of Decemeber.

2020 was quite good year for BTC, can't say the same for XRP though! Anyways, my posts show the real importance and the accuracy of technical analysis.

What now?
Bitcoin just reached a whole now terrain, it's pretty non sense to try and predict the market in the long term by looking at the technical analysis. Anyhow, we are in a very bullish momentum, I believe that from here we are headed to 50k but this needs some time! We need to make some support and price needs to calm down make a base!

For that, we need to see what will be happening with the price action! I do expect a break above 30k and then a correction at the first support zone 28800!

Happy trading!


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