My Financial Goals for 2021 #financialgoals2021

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A few weeks ago, I made a great decision to join Leofinance. Since than I've been rewarded generously for my articles and just for sharing my thoughts on different subjects. Is this the best thing that could someone wish for the end of the year? Yes, but the good things with Leofinance do not end here, since I've joined I was very welcomed in the platform, the community of leo in the discord channel was super ready to assist you with whatever you needed!
A goal that was achieved in 2020 was to get visited by Toruk @onealfa.leo ...and that happened twice. This encouraged me as a new member of the community to write articles.

2021 is going to be a great year for Leofinance! @khaleelkhazi did make a huge article with all the crazy new updates that are about to happen soon! Super excited!


2021 just started with another great contest made by @theycallmedan and @leofinance. I've been reading an article by @alexvan and he told me about this contest...I decided to make mine right away.

Well, 2020 dumped almost all of our targets into trash, but good things also happened! We understood to value health, family and everything else! Sometimes it takes a lot to understand what means the most to us, I want to see 2020 as a great lesson for my life, not just a bad year.

My 2021 targets!

  1. I see a lot of potential in Leo and WLeo so this is going to be my number one investment
    As per blog I expect to make my vote's weight higher reach that reputation above 75!
  2. I do love Zilliqa I already have made a few articles in that as well which makes it my second investment
  3. Stellar is pretty underrated for the moment but I did my research and I have serious positive votes for it
  4. Electroneum, Tron and last but not the least Polkadot.

This are going to be my crypto targets!
As an author here and in Publish0x I'm constantly trying to make better articles and gain as much attention out there as well. Being in one of 25 top authors is a great target that I expect I could reach this year.

I am a forex trader for a few years now, I took a few months to rest so I guess that the resting period is off and I'm ready to start a very profiting year!

Most importantly I am a doctor! Putting everything aside I have a great passion for Dentistry. The reason why I left my profession for the end is because I do not treat my profession as a business. I think, us, doctors should never see what we do as a business. I do this because of the great passion and love that I have for it! You get to help people be healthy, relieve them from some of the worst pains, help them smile again, be confident to smile and talk without having to cover their mouth! And trust me this is just a tiny bit of what we do but in bold lines you can get the picture.
My targets on my profession are to help as much people as I can and get the to treat my patients with the latest and the best techniques that are out there!

This are my targets, what about yours?
Targets are worthless if there is no work done to achieve them! I am ready to start with the work! Are you?


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