Stellar, rocketing!

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A few days ago I made an article about Stellar and how this beautiful coin that I have a really strong sympathy for, should not stay this low!
Previously I said that XLMUSD have made a bullish pennant which should result in another bullish movement anytime now...

Today something amazing happened, XLM shot upside like a rocket going double it's price!

Yeap, XLM went upside for more than 100% of it's price...

This is how beautiful it looks now!


Let's take a closer look and break down what happened!

download 1.png

Price went up, breaking a strong resistance at 0.206 area which you can see that the very same area being beautifully retested!

What happened next?!

There was another resistance zone at 0.236, which was a pretty strong one and also got retested! This assured us that this move isn't just a pump'n'dump thing. Keep in mind that zones do not get retested at the exact same prices, sometimes they come close for like 5-10 pips this is what you should keep in mind when adding TP (take profits) and also SL (stop losses) and as well when you add pending orders.

What could happen next with stellar?

I do expect that price might come back at the 0.23 area once again! But that is to early to say right now. We have to wait a see how price reacts right now but for sure this is the year of Stellar as well.

I do believe that Stellar can easily reach 1$ very soon!

What do you think about Stellar?


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