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Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Pizza Witness Update! The PIZZ

PIZZA Token Use Cases

Hello everyone, This is my very first post on LeoFinance and I decided to write about the PIZZA token. We have been gettin

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Hey everyone! We hope you had a safe and wonderful Holiday weekend if you celebrate it. If not, we still hope you had a most spectacular…

WOO Battle Royal Preview

WOO Battle Royal Available Q2 As many of you in the #woonft community know, we have our WOO Battle Royal minigame scheduled for a…


Good Afternoon Scholars! Good Evening Scribes! I have some exciting news to share with you all today! After hinting a

Wrestling Organization Online Updated Roadmap

WOO Updates The Roadmap We have made some slight updates to the roadmap, as you can see above. It doesn't change much from the initial r

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Witness Update Rank: 63/60 Our goal of top 50 HIVE witness is becoming more and more real every week! Please consider casting a vote…

Pizza Guild Scholarship Wave 2 and GIF Contest Results

Hey all! Happy weekend! Today we're excited to announce Wave 2 Scholars of the Pizza Guild Hash Kings Scholarship Program! We will also…

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Happy Sunday PIZZA crew! It has been another wild week over in the PIZZA community! So much so, I did not get around to writing two…

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Hey Pizza Crew! We hope you are off to an absolutely wonderful week and that March is treating you well! As usual we have been…

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hive.pizza | 1UP-CARTEL Partnership, Wrestling, & Scholarships!

Hey everyone! Welcome to another awesome edition of our weekly Witness & Project update! As usual, we have some awesome news and some…

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Hey Pizza Crew! Happy Sunday and Happy Superbowl Sunday for those who will be watching the game! Good luck to both camps and to everyone…

hive.pizza | Witness Updates, Scholarships, and more!

We hope you guys are all off to a great start of your week! As usual we have quite a bit to go over so we will jump right in! Today's…

hive.pizza | Announcing Guild Scholarships & Website Relaunch

Hello everyone and welcome to all of the new members! Our Guild continues to explode and we're inching our way towards 5,000 members…

hive.pizza | Announcing Stake2Earn model for PIZZA token

Hey Everyone! We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated PIZZA passive staking rewards are coming to all PIZZA token…

Hive.Pizza | Witness, Development, & Community Updates

General Overview Hey everyone! We hope you're having a absolutely wooonderful week and that your 2022 has been off to a great start…

Hive Authentication Services - Integrating HAS into your application

With the release of the official HAS Documentation , the integration of the Hive Authentication Services into applications is…

The Great PIZZA Gif War - Over $200 in prizes!

Come one, come all! We want your gifs, they make us lul! Okay... now that my bad rhymes are out of the way, we want to invite all of you…

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Hey everyone! We hope everyone had a safe New Year weekend and are transitioning into 2022 okay! Over in the [PIZZA Discord…