$PIZZA Token | What is it and why should you buy it?

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For those who have not ventured over to our website yet, I wanted to bring it to you in-order to showcase some of what we've already done and what we plan to do in the coming months.

Tools, Gadgets, & Features


  • At the heart of $PIZZA is our desire for a strong HIVE community with tons of engagement and as such, we have built a powerful engagement token that is spreading across HIVE like wildfire. In over 800 wallets already, we are seeing hundreds of Pizzabot command calls across the chain every day and it continues to grow.
    • Did you know? HIVE users who hold at least 20 $PIZZA tokens in their wallet can invoke the !PIZZA command, rewarding great content with a hot and fresh slice of HIVE pizza!
    • We aim to keep the bot low profile and sleek while offering clickable links to increase visibility and education of the project. Here is the bot in action (@huzzah and @nyxlabs we've sent over some $PIZZAs for your participation and engagement!):


Discord Bot

  • We've built an awesome Discord bot that is already being used in three Discords, two of which are other projects that exist here in the HIVE ecosystem. The bot offers some awesome features such as checking the price of your favorite Hive-Engine token, the price of HIVE, sending a random @stickupboys $PIZZA gif, or checking our tokenomics (among more!).
    • We have some really cool ideas in mind for the bot that will give it more functionality in both the core $PIZZA DISCORD as well as in others that it may be used in. Keep an eye out!
    • Here are some shots of the bot in action:





Wordpress Plugin for Hive-Engine Token Price Feed

  • In-case you've not figured it out by now, we intend on building an arsenal of useful tools not only for $PIZZA, but for the HIVE ecosystem as a whole. We truly believe in coexisting with other projects and we will find ways to not only improve the value of $PIZZA, but the value of our blockchain as a whole.
  • We recently launched our new Wordpress plugin that will allow you to enter a token of your choice and then display that tokens live Hive-Engine price feed directly on your website using your existing Wordpress widget setup.
    • The plugin is being adopted quickly and can be found among other projects such as Hivelist.
    • This is an exciting first step into building our toolset for the HIVE community. Expect updates and more stuff like this soon!



Pizza Menu Browser Discovery Extension

  • We have submitted our extension to the App Store and are awaiting it's approval! We aim to provide an easy-to-use discovery extension that can be used by new users (as we target onboarding) and veteran HIVE users alike. Pizza Menu will bridge all of your favorite HIVE web resources together easily into one place within your browser.
    • Keep an eye out for more information regarding the release! We once we are approved we will make announcements in our Discord.
    • Here is a sneak peak ;)


Video Game Store

  • For those who do not already know, we are building a video game store where you will be able to spend your $PIZZA tokens on STEAM games (based on PC). We will be doing a soft launch at first and game titles will be limited but once we are sure everything is stable and good to go, we will schedule a larger launch! This is very exciting and should see many from the gaming scene (both in and outside of HIVE) buying $PIZZA to pickup cheap games!


  • We will be offering a variety of services to the HIVE community and to other projects ranging from video game server rentals, VPS rentals, Ad Space, bot hosting/creation, etc. You can see more information regarding the services we are considering or already offering on our website at https://www.hive.pizza.


Pizza Laboratories

  • In the spirit of making cool things, we have created our Pizza Laboratory. Here, we create loads of interesting things that not only improve our own skills but allow others to use them for their own needs. As our team scales, you can expect more and more cool things for the HIVE community popping up in here.



  • Because we know that things can be boring waiting for your favorite tokens to go moon big tiemz, we've setup an NES emulator over on the hive.pizza website so you can kickback and enjoy a blast of nostalgia while killing some time. Bored? Give it a go!



  • We invite developers and creators to test web apps and gadgets on the $PIZZA platform. This will give developers a test bed, and give $PIZZA holders a 'sneak peak' into future projects coming to the HIVE blockchain.


  • We'd also like to mention that we are now both a Hive-Engine and a DLUX witness running witness nodes for both. We believe in supporting and strengthening the HIVE network!

Rewards & DeFi

Staking, Mining, & Pools/Farms

  • We’ve been organically growing our BEE fund and as such have hit our first stage BEE goal and have seriously started the discussion around staking. We have some long term ideas we would like to discuss with the community first, though! Join the Discord and let’s have a conversation!

  • Utilizing funds sourced from $PIZZA sales we have started building a token mining account to increase the holder rewards pool. Through miners and tokens staked by the hive.pizza account and with miners and tokens delegated or donated by users in the community, we will continue to grow our APR % for holders.

  • We will heavily invest in farm opportunities across hive such as VFTLabs (we are already mining here) and the potential Hive Side Chain options that come available while developing our own tools in time.

  • Delegations of miners will be rewarded in time as we develop automation around this.

Rewards Incentives & Burning

  • We truly believe in community growth and as such, we work hard to ensure our mining and curation account is generating tokens for our rewards pool. Alongside this, we will continue building more rewards and incentives for our holders.

  • Currently each day our bot selects a random winner to receive a daily payout of up to 5% of their $PIZZA holdings. Each week, the top 10 $PIZZA holders receive up to 10% of their total $PIZZA holdings back in rewards while we draw an additional 5 random holders to receive up to 5% back in rewards each Sunday.

  • We’re partnering with more projects to offer bigger rewards ontop of the current strategies we are executing in-order to grow the rewards account.

  • Over time our $PIZZAs will become more and more scarce through our ‘burn’ initiatives. While $PIZZA is a centerpiece for engagement, we understand that this also creates inflation. Here are a few methods we will be burning $PIZZAs in the ovens:

    • Buy-Back & Burn Program – The $PIZZA Shop will be buying back $PIZZAs on the DEX and burning them, removing inflation from the economy.

    • Purchases through the $PIZZA store – A % of $PIZZA received through purchases of $PIZZA games/services etc will be burned.

    • More! We’re working on loads of ways to ensure the flavor of our $PIZZA remains the best it can be!


  • Not only are we building a mining account, we’ve also been powering up HIVE, VIBES, and CINETV and have are actively curating great content in those communities. This curation revenue will be divided up between the project and rewards pool for holders.


  • This is just the beginning of something absolutely great here on the HIVE blockchain. If you have been waiting for a project to come along that is actively building tools and seeking to grow the HIVE ecosystem as a whole (instead of taking us out of it), please consider checking out the $PIZZA token.

    We are building great things here at HIVE and we invite you to come be a part of it.



    Buy $PIZZA

    Join the Discord

    Vote for us as Hive-Engine witness here.

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