How to create a Tribe and what goes into it. A guide for the curious.

Ok, so, making a Tribe on Hive-Engine can be a little convoluted. I'm looking into hiring some developers to make a specific tribe…

Understanding Splinterlands tokenomics: DEC Capture Rate, Dynamic Reward Pool and SPS Airdrop.

This article is intended to help those who are not yet familiar with Splinterlands DEC tokenomics. If you’re already familiar of the

Leo Challenge - Your first post on Leo Finance | 500 USD for grabs!

Leo Finance, where social media meets Web3. LeoFinance is a blockchain-based social media platform for crypto & finance content…


Like mad scientists, Khal & Team are doing everything they can to take make PolyCUB a successful DeFi application among the masses. One of…

Life in the HIVE: My Quest for Power - Month 1/6 Update

A month ago, I published a post imposing unto myself a 1,000 HIVE POWER QUEST. The source would be solely from author rewards. NO depositin

SPT Content Creators: 100 Member Celebration (Legendary Card Giveaway+ Progress Update)

Some months back we created the SPT Content Creators initiative with the thought of supporting the SPT token trade volume and supporting…

The Online Game: A World Everyone Must Play In

The entire world is changing. What we knew is transitioning before our eyes. Opportunities are shifting which means that people are…

What exactly are LARYNX Miner Tokens?

Initial LARYNX Rules on the SPK Caim Chain ( EDIT ): The current state of LARYNX Miner tokens is not w

Hive: 5 Years To Completely Change Your Financial Life

Give Hive 5 years and your financial life will be completely changed. This is a bold statement yet one that is revealing itself to be…

The Power Of Cryptocurrency: Free From Politicization

▶️ Watch on 3Speak We have a number of articles released today th

Investing your Splinterlands Profits in Liquidity Pools!

Find out about how you can invest your Splinterlands Profits into Liquidity Pools, diversifying your crypto portfolio and earning good…

Web 3.0 Moving To Iteration 2.0 In Many Ways

▶️ Watch on 3Speak We are seeing a great many opportunities. The

Decentralized Money Is The Future

Sometimes to see where things are going, we have to look back at where they were. When we try to project the impact of cryptocurrency…

The Politicizing Of The Global Economic And Financial Systems; Opening For Cryptocurrency

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The situation between Ukraine and Russia is ev

MATIC Price Chart Analysis: 3/1/22

In this video clip I review the daily chart of MATIC and the price action along with the chart patterns that are in play. Matic did hold…

Could Hive Backed Dollar Serve As The Reserve Currency?

This sounds like a preposterous idea. Actually, as we will see, it is no crazier than the idea of Bitcoin as the global reserve…

To the Moon! Going Bullish with Hive.

It’s been a while since the price of Hive reached almost $3.5 in the market. Unfortunately, it was not able to hold that va

Splinterlands Art Contest [Week 178] - Forging the Djinn Chwalas' Dagger

Djinn Chwala is one of my favorite cards to use in battle under the Dragon summoners . Looking at its dagger , I can't

Hive Wealth Just Keeps Growing

Each day it seems we see the wealth associated with Hive just keep growing. This makes sense since it is a compounding machine that…

The Ulility Of $HIVE And Higher Prices

When it comes to cryptocurrency, use case is something that is vital. Unfortunately, it appears that it is lacking in many ecosystems.…