RE: Splinterlands: The Market & Economic Side Of 45%

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This a hard decision both for the Splinterlands management and the ones that after laid off. Though, I am not surprised that it has come to this - given the market has been down for soo long. It is a hard decision but far better than not doing it and then come to a point where the company cannot operate anymore.


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Yeah, I think they had to take this necessary decision for the future of the game, just that 45% screams huge, but after I got the analysis before this post, I think I even understand better. We're deep into the bear and survival is really paramount.


I hope that they would hire those valuable persons again in the future when the market goes up. 😊
But yeah, 45% is a big percentage.


Of they're truly surplus to requirement, then Maybe it was actually for the best. I heard many earned thousands of DEC