Bitcoin down by 4.6% in last one week , Is it going back to $50000 ?

13 days ago
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Bitcoin , the world largest Crypto Currency by market cap has performed really well and it was one of best or may be best of the best years for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin in last one year gained more than 600% in its price. We see a all time high at above $61000. it happened last month only when bitcoin was at it's ATH.

In last one week the price has dropped by 4.6% and it went down from $60000 to $55000 approx.

Let us see a more detailed chart taken from Binance Exchange to know more about current scenario of btc.


The price didn't seem to be falling down and it quite a look like as if the price has been stable at some point if we compare it in last one month.

Though the fluctuations were pretty good and we saw a good price gap but the good thing is that it is maintained.

If this is continued we can see bitcoin hovering around this price or a bit less price until the next btc run.

What are your opinions about the price of btc , one of my good friend told me that he things bitcoin will cross $100k by the end of this year.

Let's see what's going to happen. Till then...!!!!

Happy Trading Everyone.