Ethereum sets a new ATH of $3400 , what's next for ETH

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In last month we have witnessed so many things for Crypto currencies. Bitcoin saw the biggest downfall after reaching its all time high in The month of March.

Well the price is restable at $57000 approx for Bitcoin so there is nothing to worry about the largest Crypto currency in the world.

Talking about Ethereum we saw its network upgradation taking place after which the major update that was being talked about was reduction in fees.



Many predicted that this will make Eth price reach above $5000 and some even predicted that it might reach $10000.

well nothing of that happened and the currency looked to remain stable with general ups and downs.

But two days back Ethereum sets a new All time high by reaching $3000. ( sets more ATH before this ).


The current price while writing this post was around $3400 you can also see the chart above for Eth taken from Coingecko App.

Well Ethereum has just broke the threshold of. $3000 and that can really be a good sign for Eth as it might even went up till $5000 now.

Considering the fact the network updation and on top of that the Defi thing that's being going on since long the price might increase in future and Eth might gets double it's current price.

Also the amount of money locked in Defi when will release it will surely pump Ethereum.

I don't advice financially and kindly do not take any financial decision based on my post.

Do your work / analysis before doing what you really wanted to do.

Thank You

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