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Hello everyone, today I want to tell you a tale of two blockchains that decided it was better to work together for the greater good of the entire crypto kingdom as we are all at war with the evil Federal Empire!

I want to introduce you to the new Comdex community on LeoFinance!

Comdex is a layer 1 blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and works with the IBC system to communicate across all the other IBC blockchains in that space. Well as Hive and LEO exist in a completely different ecosystem, we have at least found a way to work together!

Thanks to @jk6276 and his connections to the @leofinance team, and in cooperation with @carbonzerozone and @whispernode, we were able to create the new Comdex community that will be used as a Web 3.0 portal for sharing information and showing the rest of the crypto kingdom how we can all get along and work together as a whole to defeat the evil Federal Empire!

If you enjoy the video and the find value in the new Comdex community, please give us a thumbs up!

Come learn about Comdex today on the new LeoFinance community!


Here is the referenced article in the video on What is a Cosmos Validator?


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It's weird.. I can't pull this post up on LeoFinance.io.


That is weird considered it was posted there...


I see it now, probably just took some time for indexing...

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It's a bug, I reported it. They are working on it.

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Awesome! Thanks!


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