Ape Mining Club - New way to Earn APE token daily

APE is the primary token behind Ape Mining Club . In the past, the only way to earn APE was to buy it from the Hive Engine market, or…

APE Mining Club Update, Feedback Requested

What's up fellow primates. Are you wondering what's going on with Ape Mining Club ? Here is a little update. Also, I will have a…

$129 auto posts?

I've been noticing automated daily posts rewards getting out of hand, with some of them going as high as $129. In the case of the $129…

Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - September 2021

Have you always wanted to ask me something? Now is your chance, there won't be another! (ok, ok, there will) Hit me up in the…

ProtonMail changes privacy policy after they release IP information to authorities

ProtonMail is a very popular free email service based in Switzerland that promises to provide encryption and privacy to its users. This…

Who uses Lassecash?

@lasseehlers frequently says Lassecash is the best tribe where truth gets rewarded. Except he is never really truthful. He gets rewarded…

Tribe Curation APR Analysis

Was looking through to do an update on what the APR is curating in different tribes. Each tribe has vastly different ROI curating based…

Ape Mining Club Statistics Update

Ape Mining Club has been live for around 10 days now. Here's an update on how things are going. 16,168.726 liquid APE is held by APE…

$1 Hive Memes

Feel free to use these as you wish. ![image.png](

Hive breaks $1!

As someone who has been holding Hive while most people have been selling, I am still surprised Hive has hit $1 this quickly. A few…

Brave now supports Gemini custodian wallet

Brave has been my browser of choice for a while now. It is faster, more secure, more private, and has the potential to earn rewards…

Ape Mining Club Launch day aftermath

It's been over 24 hours since the launch of Ape Mining Club. As expected there were a few obstacles, some minor UI issues and some payout…

Are STEM Miners the most profitable on Hive-Engine?

STEM has gone up 10x in the last few weeks and I still think it is still highly undervalued. At the time I noticed STEM Miners were…

Now is a good time to check if your recovery account is set to STEEM and change it.

Does your account still have a recovery account of @steem? If so, there is no chance to recover your account if it gets hacked or you…

Introducing Ape Mining Club

I am proud to introduce the Ape Mining Club game built on the Hive blockchain! Ape Mining Club will launch in around 24 hours from…

Unique challenges building my first crypto game

I just finished my first crypto game today. I am just doing some decisions on the math and some testing before I am ready to announce…

Are you converting Hive to HBD?

The recent Hard Fork 25 added the ability to convert Hive to HBD. This feature gives the community to help push down HBD when it gets…

Ape Mining Club Sneak Peek

You might have heard we are building a new game that will use a new APE token as well as the STEM token. We have been working hard on the…

A Look At STEMGeeks Tribe | Data on tokens issued, staked, top earners, activity

STEMGeeks is a project run by @themarkymark. For those who don’t know STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It’s a…

I enjoy voting comments

In four years of being here I rarely ever voted comments. Every hard fork made voting comments less attractive. First there was the 30…