Are STEM Miners the most profitable on Hive-Engine?

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STEM has gone up 10x in the last few weeks and I still think it is still highly undervalued. At the time I noticed STEM Miners were yielding around 50% APR and were being sold too cheap. I have since raised the price to 30 Hive which which still results in around 2.3 year break-even period.

Brofund is one of the largest holder of a lot of Hive-Engine miners and are a good metric for all well miners do.









There are 6,892.81 STEM Miners minted with 5,823.94 staked. 99.64% of all STEM Miners have been burned to bring the max supply down to a reasonable level.

Even with a 50% price hike, STEM Miners are the most profitable available on Hive-Engine. Miners like AliveM have a better break-even period but there are so few available that any purchase will drastically increase the break-even period.

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