CINETV Airdrop

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CINETV is a new Hive Engine tribe for Movies & TV. If you haven't seen the introduction post by @brofund, I highly recommend you checking it out.

You can visit the tribe here.

CINE tokens are being airdropped to BRO & LEO token holders. As this is a ManCave (Brofund) project, the majority of the airdrop will go to BRO token holders.

~100K CINE tokens have been airdropped to BRO token holders.
~35K CINE tokens will be dropped to LEO token holders later today.

The airdrop for BRO token holders has already been completed with a 149% ratio. If you owned 100 BRO you would receive roughly 149 CINE.

The airdrop for LEO token holders will happen at some point today with a 1% ratio. If you owned 100 LEO you will receive 1 CINE.

BRO & LEO holders were chosen as they represent ideal potential recipients of the airdrop. The two phase airdrop is roughly equivalent to 52 days of inflation. This number was chosen to bootstrap the community with a pretty solid initial distribution but not to overwhelm the market.

You may notice some oddities on the website as the reward pool is just starting to initialize. Over the next week these numbers should stabilize as the reward pool fills and initially distributes tokens.

One of the unique elements of CINETV tribe is the cash out period is only 5 days. This means instead of waiting 7 days for post payout, you only need to wait 5. The majority of voting is done in the first 1-2 days, and the last 4-5 days are typically just a waiting period.

If you have any questions about the airdrop or tribe, hop on the ManCave Discord and ask away.


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