LBI Miner Scam Token, avoid. Update: Token delisted.

12 days ago
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A new token came on the market called LBIM which represents LBI Miners. As far as I can tell, these are fraudulent and you should avoid them until the official project confirms they are theirs.

The account behind it is a misspelling of the well known user @spinvest, using a similar avatar. It was also created a couple hours ago and funded with 90 Hive, enough to create a token and create some fake volume.

Looks like the user @tailah.bayu, purchased a few and hopefully they see my mention and avoid buying anymore unless the official @lbi-token team confirms this is legit. Until, avoid purchasing these tokens. I have reached out to one of the team members awaiting a confirmation.

If confirmed fraudulent, I hope @aggroed or someone on the Hive-Engine team can get this delisted quickly.

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