[PSA] Always test!

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I was on Twitter earlier and came across a post where a user deposited funds into HitBTC and when trying to withdraw were told he wasn't allowed to due to country restrictions.


HitBTC responded but were not too accommodating responding if there are any questions of their policies just look at their legal pages.



You should always make sure you are in good hands before putting a large amount of money in any exchange or service. Crypto is the wild west and losing thousands of dollars or even hundreds is common and no one seems to really care. You need to take as many steps as you can to be sure your funds are safe.

I've written about this in the past, exchanges do not owe you a thing, they will take and freeze funds like it is nobody's business.

This goes for games and services as well, crypto does not allow for mistakes. Don't give anyone the opportunity to steal your money, take your time and test everything.

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