RE: Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - September 2021

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What it really takes for a Token Price become stable?

Demand, this is usually the result of a use case or just primative fomo.

We see constant fall in LEO and POB token price, how could it achieve stability.

One of the big reasons is the price of Hive going up forces Hive Engine tokens to go down unless they have a lot of buy pressure for some other reason to keep up with the Hive price.

The main reason that won't be a popular opinion, but nevertheless is a big factor is the buy pressure cannot keep up with the sell pressure. Unless you stake LEO/POB to get more voting power, the only use case of LEO and POB is to sell it to take profits. Just like on Hive, most people tend to sell tokens to cash out, this pushes the price of a token downward unless there are more people buying the token.

More use cases creates more demand to buy a token, if that buy pressure is higher than the sell pressure to take profits, then the price will go up, if they are roughly equal the price will stay around the same.

Do you think Leo and POB be equal to 1 Hive someday?

Someday, maybe, but could be for any number of reasons. I firmly believe anyone who tells you what they think the price of a token will be in the future is generally full of shit.

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