Why is there so much STEM price action lately?

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You may have noticed there is a lot more activity lately. What gives?
I'm not going to give you financial advice, but I will tell you why I think activity has picked up and allow everyone to have the same information. I think that is only fair.

The last few days I have noticed an significant increase in STEM & STEM Miner activity.

So what is going on?

These days I mostly hangout in the ManCave discord, although I still bounce around checking out what goes in other discords. I may have let slip I am working on a game that will be announced soon that will incorporate STEM into the game core mechanics. There is also another Hive Engine token being introduced called APE.

I am opening the official discord server to the public today but
there is no official information available yet.


I still firmly believe STEM has the best tokenomics of any of the Hive Engine tribes to date and is grossly underestimated. If you don't believe me, check it out and prove me wrong.

Quick look at STEM tokenomics

  • 11,190 proof of brain tokens created weekly.
  • Typically 3,000-4,000 STEM tokens burned weekly
  • Current inflation is 6.26% dropping, compare that to 20%+ of other tribes
  • When you factor in burning, inflation is only 4.78%
  • Spam and low effort content doesn't get rewarded
  • STEMGeeks has a very well distributed author reward curve (See below)
  • All STEMGeeks author rewards and liquid curation rewards are burned weekly
  • STEMGeeks ran the largest community contest with a prize pool over $4,000.

I really believe STEM is one of the most underestimated tokens on Hive Engine.

Author Reward Curve

This curve represents the distribution of author rewards, a smooth curve with a long tail shows rewards are distributed to a lot of authors and not stacked between the select few popular authors.

Compare the curve to other tribes below.

At the end of the day, a reward pool main purpose is distribution. In an ideal world, those rewards go to those who provide the most value not who has the most friends.

I will be making an announcement soon regarding my new game Ape Mining Club. Until then, feel free to hop on discord and say hi.

None of this is financial advice and if you need advice please ask your mom.

         Never go full Ape!

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