wLEO Liquidity Pool breaks 1M

19 days ago
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wLEO Liquidity pool on UniSwap broke $1M USD reserve today. That's a lot of scratch!

I have been following wLeo pretty closely, not only because I have a decent amount locked up myself, but I am also curious how this plays out. About an hour ago someone bought around 21,000 wLEO with 8 Ethereum.

Most swaps are around or under 1 Ethereum in either direction, but I have noticed a few larger swaps. I have also seen some larger swaps in the other direction as well.

Looking at my investment though, I am very happy with how it is turning out.

106% w/ market gains right now, if you just look at the liquidity pool numbers I lost about $175. Granted a large portion of these gains are the result of Ethereum's explosive growth right now. This isn't even factoring in the monthly geyser payouts, with the second monthly payout coming soon, it's looking pretty good.

When wLEO 1.0 was announced I wasn't quite sold on the idea and sold around half of my Leo taking advantage of the rising price. While I am a big fan of Leo, I take everything in consideration when making decisions. It looked like it was the best play at the time. I purchased some of the wLeo back after the hack which I just sat on.

When wLeo 2.0 was live, I bought all my Leo back and then some. I put all of it into wLeo liquidity pool on day one of the announcement.

Recently, I started to power down all my Leo voting power and was considering moving 100% to the liquidity pool. I had personal reasons for this decision and it wasn't 100% related to performance.

With the announcement of the coming Leo Airdrop, I decided to move a little more to the wLeo liquidity pool and power the rest back up. I don't stake Leo on my main account due to difficulty of using ScotBot voting power on a primary account but rest assured I do have a significant Leo Stake as well as my LP holdings.

With the 2nd geyser payout coming up around the corner along with an unannounced Airdrop, it is looking like a solid investment.

As for the secret airdrop, I don't have any more information than you, but my gut is telling me it will be a new token (mLeo?) for a new microblogging (think Twitter/Facebok) platform. I don't know how this will be technically executed but that's what I am guessing is going to happen. The airdrop will drop tokens for this new platform based on your staked Leo, staked Leo miners, and wLeo pooled tokens. This is all just a guess and it could be a new hit tv show on HBO about Ninjas, cause I'd watch that shit.

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