Hive Keychain Independent Audit Proposal

Everyone loves Hive Keychain, it is the only way to use many of the Hive Dapps and still feel safe. One thing that has always concerned…

Ape Mining Club has hit 698 users and now has a PeakD Badge!

If you own equipment in Ape Mining Club, you will be receiving a badge shortly. I am currently processing the current player base to hand…

Ape Mining Club Statistics Update

As per requests, here's a quick update on Ape Mining Club statistics. 20717.638 liquid APE is held by APE token holders. 47066.15100000…

wtf is wrong with people

Seriously, how the fuck is this ok? This is becoming the norm for crypto exchanges and peer to peer services like Venmo. There…

Just paying my Home Insurance with my Fold card and then boom!

Luckily I'm able to pay my yearly home insurance bill with credit card. I usually throw it on my American Express for 1%, since I got the…

All three I Went Full Ape NFT first editions are sold to...

All three Ape Mining Club first editions NFTs on NFTShowroom are sold to @chronocrypto. I am honestly not surprised he managed to snag…

Ape Mining Club NFT Live on NFTShowroom!

Celebrating the first month of Ape Mining Club, we have released the first of three NFTs on NFTShowroom .

Ape Mining Club is 1 month old, double emission!

It has been an interesting month since the announcement of Ape Mining Club. To celebrate the first month of Ape Mining Club, I have…

Hive Engine Tools Update

There have been a few quick fixes for Hive Engine Tools to fix some problems that come up due to Hive Engine API changes. The Hive…

Delegating to @apeminingclub is currently 119% APR

Currently I am distributing 0.2% of the APE balance from @blockheadgames as rewards to those who delegate Hive power to @apeminingclub.…

Sold my first Gods Unchained Card on ImmutableX

I went pretty heavily into Gods Unchained purely for speculation with little to no intention of playing. Up until now, it has been very…

Bitclout rebrands to Deso, Founder DiamondHands identity revealed

BitClout founder Diamondhands told the community there is a new update coming soon and came back to announce a complete rebranding of the…

Ape Mining Club - New way to Earn APE token daily

APE is the primary token behind Ape Mining Club . In the past, the only way to earn APE was to buy it from the Hive Engine market, or…

APE Mining Club Update, Feedback Requested

What's up fellow primates. Are you wondering what's going on with Ape Mining Club ? Here is a little update. Also, I will have a…

$129 auto posts?

I've been noticing automated daily posts rewards getting out of hand, with some of them going as high as $129. In the case of the $129…

Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - September 2021

Have you always wanted to ask me something? Now is your chance, there won't be another! (ok, ok, there will) Hit me up in the…

ProtonMail changes privacy policy after they release IP information to authorities

ProtonMail is a very popular free email service based in Switzerland that promises to provide encryption and privacy to its users. This…

Who uses Lassecash?

@lasseehlers frequently says Lassecash is the best tribe where truth gets rewarded. Except he is never really truthful. He gets rewarded…

Tribe Curation APR Analysis

Was looking through to do an update on what the APR is curating in different tribes. Each tribe has vastly different ROI curating based…