5 Things I Like About Hive

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Hive is decentralized blockchain that believes in propagating of ideas like freedom of identity speech and expression

What exactly is Hive in simple terms?

Think of it as the social media platform that helps you express yourself without compromising your freedom

Is Hive powering its own brand of social media such a big deal?

Most social media platform that exist in the world today need you to sign up to post,consume and share social media content.
However in exchange they monitor your activities, track what you see, post and even can ban your account.
The threat to privacy is real and being experienced on a day to day basis by real people like you and me whose number only grows every day.
However Hive experience is quite different.

Join Hive to experience total ownership

The moment you join Hive you are handed a bunch of keys!
These are cryptographic keys (a set of alphanumeric digits) that give the creator complete access to every aspect of user account.

These keys are a proof of your ownership and give you full control over your account.

Do keep these keys secure. Your account comes with two set of keys public and private. It is OK if someone knows your public key however ensure that no one has access to your private keys.

Hive Keychain is a good extension that one can use to manage your account using a simple password of your choice instead of having to operate your account with private keys.

Hive is for real humans

2human identity.jpg

In technical terms a blockchain user has an address or a public key. The same is true with Hive and along with a public key a user also gets a username that is his identity on the blockchain.
For example my username is @thetimetravelerz

Thus on the Hive blockchain I am more than a cryptographic key.
I am an identity with a username who is free to express what I think via comments and posts.

Freedom to freely express yourself

Freedom is a fundamental right and so is your Hive account.
It ensures
True ownership over your content: You are free to post about what you think or create.
From jotting down and sharing my thoughts, a recipe to a poem or post anything you create and would usually post on the social media can be posted on your Hive blockchain.
The content a user creates is stored on a decentralized community driven blockchain.
Front ends like leofinance.io ,peakd.com etc make it super easy to post content and interact with other peoples content.
Despite the complexities of the tech or the underlying blockchain one does not need to be a geek or tech savvy to find your way around on Hive.
There are plenty of front ends to help you find your way around.
Peakd.com, leofinance.io and ecency.com are only a few.
you can think of them as a online word processors to write, post and edit your post.
However leofinnace.io and ecency.com and many more names that you come across on Hive also represent the front ends to their own respective communities and even have their own tokens which one can be earned along side Hive.
The best part of joining these communities is your ability to connect with like minded people.

You can earn crypto with your content

4love [Hive](https://leofinance.io/@crypto-guides/what-is-hive-crypto-hive) crypto money.jpg
Every time a user likes your content you get paid in Hive tokens. These tokens are like real crypto money which you can use to further build up your account or trade for other crypto or fiat using an exchange.

Hive can help fix unemployment and financial stress

Is Hive the door to help you live off crypto ?

Thing of the time when there were lock downs and the govt's of some countries doled out cash for people and urged them to stay home in compliance of the lock downs.
The lock downs and the minting of money to be paid to people has led to countries like USA to go into recession.
People around the world are facing high rise in un employment and consumer sentiment is down. The economies around the world are suffering.
So instead of minting a lot of money what if govt's gave its citizens Hive accounts with $1000 worth of Hive power. The citizens could be productively employed in generating content and voting each others content.
This way a lot of people would not face the mental struggles of being unemployed or having to stay at home

Depending upon what you create you could get upvoted by others. Alternatively everytime you vote on other peoples content you could support their post.
The beauty of Hive is that the vote reward is distributed 50-50 between the content creator and the voter.
So suppose if my post gets a $1 vote from a voter the revenue is split equally between the poster and the voter.
So the $1 vote value means $0.50 going to the post creator and $0.50 going to the person who has given the upvote.

Love the idea of Hive supporting and creating a gig economy of its own

Hive has done remarkably well for itself and its users however what if govt's saw the potential of this model and empowered its citizens with one time Hive powered up accounts to help them sustain themselves with the content they create.
Alternatively the govt. could also Hive up their own Hive account and delegate their citizens with a sizable Hive power.
This way the citizens can create content and the revenue they create can help them sustain themselves.
Such a public private partnership can help support the citizens without any sizable burden on the fiat economy.

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Hello @thetimetravelerz

The most gratifying to see on our blockchain are the number of projects in the process of consolidation, and others just dating. And to my way of seeing this in the key part for platforms to succeed within the blockchain.

Best regards, be well.


+1 totally agree with you.
Thanks buddy for stopping by and sharing your views
Have a good day :)

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