RE: 25'000 Hive Power staked in one Month by the Liotes Community

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Hey @achim03 & @ph1102 good to see some familiar names promoting this community.

It is nice to see how the community is growing. I bet @achim03 is bringing a lot of his Swiss precision and sense of money into the community.
I was not aware of this initiative. How can one earn the community tokens by content creation ?
Or is it only via delegation ? Are there any requirements to be part of the community ?

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The Liotes community is open to everybody. It's a complex project and I would suggest that you have a look at our website. There is a video on it and you can also find our whitepaper.


OK would do that thanks for the update Dear @achim03
Hope to run into you next time I am around your part of the country.
Hope the economy there is getting back on track.


That would be great :-). Economy is actually doing pretty well around here. We have lack of workforce at the moment.