Krypto With Kunis (& Ashton Kutcher) | Let's onboard them to Leofinance

Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis Kitchen Talks Yesterday I saw a video on Twitter where Ashton Kutcher, a very well known actor…

5 skills I've acquired thanks to a scarcity mindset

The glass doesn't always have to be half-empty! I know that having a scarcity mindset

Coinmarketcap Earn | 3 live campaigns to earn free cryptocurrency

Free cryptocurrency Everyone loves to receive free cryptocurrency, at least, I do! I used to be on top of the earning campaigns on…

Cubdefi Previous bugs fixed | Found another one today

Source Good to see bugs were fixed I wrote this post with a few questions as I was wond

CUB Finance | Farming again & a few questions

Cubdefi was the best option after all After a few other attempts to farm with other coins, I can truly say I wish I stayed into CUB…

HBD interest went up from 7% to 10% APR

Source Just weeks ago, I started saving up my HBD earnings I wrote about it as well, click here . At the time I was excited to…

Bondly Finance Update | Bondly was compromised on July 14th

Bondly Finance announced they had been compromised A few days ago, I published [this](

Finances | 5 steps forward also means 10 steps back

Just when you think things are going great Some sort of financial issue has to through us off guard again. It was about a week ago when…

Bondly Finance | Compromised or Exit Scam?

Earlier this year Bondly Finance was one of the first things that we bought after receiving the Uni airdrop. We had been following the…

Hive & Leo Goals for the month July

Aiming for higher curation rewards on Leofinance A few days ago I wrote this about opening a second account for Leofinance curation…

I moved my LEO stake to a second account for LEO curation

Source The desire to earn more curation rewards on Leofinance To achieve that, I knew I would need a separate account for LEO…

POSH (token) Airdrop!

Source Enjoying the weekend I was just minding my own business today, we had some clearing up to do in the house and needed some…

Telx Exchange Liquidity mining | $TEL-$MATIC | Polygon

Polygon, loving these fees! Last week I had my first experience on the Polygon network and honestly, I was fan instantly and wondered…

Online Shopping | Revolut Disposable Virtual Card

Follow up article on Revolut banking A few days ago, I published a review about Revolut banking and it was already quite the lenghty…

Getting lucky with ETH fees

Everyone knows the pain of high fees I guess nobody loves paying these high fees for any transaction, although it probably is a lot less…

Revolut Bank Account | Review Metal Price Plan

Revolut: an online bank account A few years ago, when I was very active on FB, I often read questions from expats about the best way to…

7% APR on HBD Savings | I'm going to save up my earned HBD's

Hard fork changes I wrote it before, usually these hard forks changes take some time to notice but this time I noticed almost…

Daily Report Leofinance Twitter Campaign | July 1

A new month has begun And I personally start the month with a lot of fresh insights and feeling reloaded after dealing with a reocurring…

No more credit card debt | Happy & Proud

Just 20 days ago I shared with you that I paid off half of the the credit card debt using our crypto portfolio. Yes, it hurts to see…

Daily Report Leofinance Twitter Campaign | June 22

Time to share some Leofinance articles again After my absense, I wrote the first stats report yesterday, you can find it here , it's…