Cubdefi Previous bugs fixed | Found another one today

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Good to see bugs were fixed

I wrote this post with a few questions as I was wondering if the things that were buggy on my end were caused by something here, or it was a bug in the system. Seeing the comments, it turned out not to be something going wrong on my end, and probably that they were working on a solution behind the scenes.

Yesterday evening, I noticed a message in the Discord saying the Farms issue was fixed. Great! Thanks for the quick response to the issue. Here's another thing I found for you to have a look at. I will describe how I found it below.

CUB price

In my previous post I mentioned the CUB price not the same on Cubdefi and Coingecko, which I didn't expect to be solved as well this quickly. This morning I decided to check my farmed $CUB where I noticed the value was left blank on the homepage. For a split second I thought this was another bug, I went to the farms page and found the amount of $CUB only, not the price.

The CUB price on the left bottom of the page was blank as well, so I knew this is probably because they're fixing the price issue that didn't sync well with Coingecko. Then the price appeared in the bottom, as well as the value of my CUBS! It just needed a bit of time.

Could this mean that the price on Coingecko was accurate as well?

Close enough for me! Thanks @leofinance!

Time to add some more liquidity

With this, I also checked if I had a few funds available and decided to add a bit liquidity to the farm. The price of CUB shown was 0.646 before I moved to the exchange page. And as soon as I landed there, the (familiar) price of 0.619 was shown on the left bottom of the page.

As you can see, the exchange tab on the other hand, shows the 0.646 price. A difference of almost 3 cents in this case. After I mentioned it to someone in Discord, she reminded me of the fact that we have been seeing that number 0.619 quite often lately, and most likely every single time we head over to the exchange page.

I decided to do anohter swap and check it in the confirm swap pop up as well, and it's true that the prices don't match.

Once I click and go to the farms page, the price adjusts to the actual price. see screenshot. It does take some time to load, but appears accurate. To check the suspision if this has to do with the swap tab, I clicked on exchange again:

And there it is, back to 0.619 per cub according to price on the left bottom of the page.


I suddenly remembered that even with the price of 74 cents, I thought oh wow, I just got extremely lucky as the price dropped 12 cents before I made my swap. Not realizing that I paid the actual 74 cents, and this 0.619 isn't the actual price. Oh well, I didn't notice it the other times, but now I did, I hope it will be fixed. Tagging @leofinance for attention. Thanks in advance!

Farm on!

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